Week 12 marathon blog: Abi

Since losing 14 stone and taking up running, Abi’s life has changed dramatically. But no one’s saying it’s been easy, so how does she stay motivated? This is how!

Name: Abi Wright

Goal: To finish in one piece!

Marathon history: First marathon

What I learnt this week: Motivation comes in many forms

Abi's weight loss journey

This week I was asked, “how do you keep motivated?”

This is how!


I remind myself what it was like to be obese

Obesity and the lifestyle that accompanies it are killers. You are literally a prisoner in your own body, confidence doesn’t exist and you live in constant fear of going out in the cruel world. I’ve mentioned before about the abuse and the cheap laughs I received when I was overweight – being called a fat bastardo cuts so deep. So for me to be free from this is my motivation. Since losing 14 stone I’ve got the Diesel jeans I longed for. I can go out during the day and shop and walk past a school at home time without being bombarded with nasty comments. Why would I ever want to go back to that dark place?


Making healthy choices

Making healthy choices

I set myself healthy goals

I train hard because it complements weight loss and releases happy endorphins. I also set small achievable goals daily, it can be something as simple as choosing a white coffee instead of a cappuccino, but every time I make a healthier choice I am helping myself carry on with my new happier, healthier life. BBQ weather this weekend was my big challenge. I’m not drinking in the run up to the marathon and this was bloody tough when others were sipping ice cold Sancerre. I went for a meat feast option and big salad avoiding the potatoes and still had a great time without missing out – I might have slipped a piece of garlic bread in though! My daily decisions help me towards that marathon goal.


Abi's support crew planning their cheer spots

Abi’s support crew planning their cheer spots

I share my journey

The key for me has been my family and close network of friends who have been sharing my journey and help me out when things get tough. I have a great network of support through twitter and a marathon buddy who I share everything with. I guess the question is how much do you want it?

Abi running

I focus on my achievements

The last three years have been extremely tough – changing my lifestyle completely and starting training has been hard but I am so proud of how far I’ve come. Sacrificing nights out, food that I used to love and starting to exercise has not been an easy ride. I remember running, well shuffling, along to hit a mile in 19min 40secs I could hardly move after. The pain in my chest and legs brought tears to my eyes. But I went from this to my first 5k race in 2012. Now I’m just a few days away from the London marathon – 26.2 will be the toughest challenge I have ever faced. Last year, when the marathon was televised, I watched it at the gym. I was on the treadmill, walking for three hours, thinking one day it might be possible? In the past year I have completed a 10k, a half marathon and am now training for the full 26.2. Hard work, focus and sheer determination really brings results, LETS GET ONIT!

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