Week 12 marathon blog: Lorna

The week that Lorna finds out that marathon mood swings are worse than puberty.

I need a rest. Looking back on last year I have no idea how I managed to run as much as I did, train as much as I did AND focus on the day job. This week work has definitely taken up most of my attention, and as a result I’ve halved my total kilometres for the week and I’ve got a little nervous. I’ve also let my nutrition plummet to the ground. I’ve been living off a diet of Lucozade, mini eggs and any carbs I can get my hands on to regulate the stress levels. BAD LORNA.

As a result of a week of stress I’ve felt knackered, fed up, elated, excited, miserable, exhausted, ready for anything, focused and any other emotion possible to feel. The mood swings have been palpable. It’s been impossible to predict how I’ll feel about anything on an hourly basis – which has made me a “superb” colleague and training partner I’ll tell you – and I’ve worried myself into thinking this is a set back and I won’t reach my goals on race day. I know how ridiculous this sounds on paper but honestly, when I’m having one of my marathon tantrums there I times that I think I’ll barely make it to the first mile marker, let alone to the finish line. I’ve got four more days of work madness and then I can give my marathon my full focus. For two weeks I will pledge to sleep well, stretch every day, eat sensibly and run carefully. That will all hopefully undo the bad behaviour of these past seven days and hopefully put me in a better mood!

Lorna 12

Weekly training stats: TOTAL KM RUN THIS WEEK 15km

Friday 21 March

60 minute session with a personal trainer – this was a deathly leg session that involved back squats, spilt squats, hamstring work and finished with a blast of my core. Tough, satisfying and brutal the following day!

Saturday 22 March

Shook out the legs with a 6.5km run. I ran without music or my pacing tracker for the first time ever and loved the freedom of just going as long and as “fast” as I lied,

Sunday 23 March

5km run for Sport Relief in the Olympic Park. Amazing atmosphere and ran my heart out. Just one min shy of a PB!

Monday 24 March

Rest day. Had a 60 min beating in the form of a sports massage. Ouch.

Tuesday 25 March

60 mins strength training session with personal trainer. This was a lighter session that worked all the major muscle groups. Whilst I needed to throw some weights around I didn’t really feel like I put my all into this session.

Wedesday 26 March

45min arms session in the gym, finished with some core work and a 2min rowing sprint. Knackered.

Thursday 27 March

A morning 4km interval run on a treadmill followed by a lunchtime Dynamic Flow Yoga class.


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