Ask the Experts: Why am I not seeing results?

Caught your boyfriend with your mother? Find yourself attracted to your dog? To be honest, we don’t really care. But if it’s a fitness problem you’ve got, maybe our Agony Aunt – Super-trainer and all round fit bird Lauretta can help.

Dear Lauretta

I’ve been doing the same routine in the  bedroom gym, sorry, gym, for a year now. At first I got great results but now nothing seems to be happening. I’m not losing weight, I’m not getting better and I’ve lost the all-important endorphin rush a good session brings. Can you help?

Frustrated in Finchley


” Well, Frustrated (did the Lunges & Lycra girls make this letter up by any chance?), the answer is all about mixing it up and trying something different. Your body and muscles get used to the same routines and movements. If you wake up every day at 8am for example, your body adjusts to this time and the same can be said for your gym routine. Effectively, you’re no longer challenging your muscles in the same way you were when your routine was new.

Here are my top three tips to change things up and start seeing results:

#1. Set yourself a target. If right now you can do five press ups, tell yourself you’re going to complete six next time. If you can run a mile in 8 minutes run it in 7 minutes 55 next time.

#2. Mix it up. If you have always started your workout with running, why not a new weights routine?

#3. Increase the intensity. If you usually do a steady cycle for 30 minutes try breaking this down into higher intensity intervals.

And remember…

Keep a record of your progress be it times, speed or weight. This will help to motivate you as you see the improvements you make!”

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