Marathon Bloggers: Lorna, 11 weeks to go!

First time marathoner Lorna has lost 23kgs (three and a half stone!), gained a love for running and developed a worrying addiction to sparkly new kit…

Name: Lorna

Age: 29

Marathon history: First marathon – London 2013

Goal: To finish in one piece!


What training has taught me thus far: I am definitely not invincible and there is no shame in accepting I have lots to learn ( I am very lucky to have someone patient guiding me along the way day in/day out)

What I learnt this week: It’s all about the right shoes! As the distance covered increases steadily now I am definitely thankful that I invested in running shoes that suit my running style, support me and can go the distance with me. It’s a bonus that they also happen to look the part!


My love affair with running started in January 2012. Like any relationship we have had our ups and downs, our good times and bad and until August 2012 we had our fair share of breaks too.

My decision to train for the London Marathon this year has been the biggest life challenge to date and since last August I’ve thrown myself into training with the support of a phenomenal  PT –  James McGill at Gymbox Covent Garden. Before I embarked on training my world was all about work – my fitness regime was made up of running to meetings, events, lunches, dinners, panic. Since training with James and following his running plan I’ve not only shed a decent amount of weight (23kgs in 16 weeks!) but I’ve learned a lot about myself and what my body is capable of. I’m stronger in body and mind, I can push through pain to reach a goal and I’m a much better person to be around  – all in all I have fully embraced the wonderfully supportive world of running and have a pretty impressive training wardrobe to match the enthusiasm I have for my training plan!

To sum up the past 16 weeks it’s been TOUGH but satisfying. I had no idea how much prep goes into training for a marathon and all I can say is I’m very grateful to have found someone who continues to help me along every step of the way. I’ve lifted weights I never thought I could lift, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with split squats and leg day at the gym with James, I’m no longer scared of the word dead lift and I’ve developed an all consuming enthusiasm to combine all of this and more to help me run distances I once thought would never be achieved. I have run up to 20k to date and am actually looking forward to my next long run of 23k coming up.  I am utterly in love with training for this race – it’s given me amazing focus, a new healthy outlook on life and introduced me to some wonderful new people who I know will support me along every step of this journey.

Although it sounds clichéd I’m certain this marathon will change all aspects of my life and I’m excited to share this experience with you… don’t worry –  I haven’t lost who I am though – I promise I’m still fun on nights out, I still dress UP for the gym and I still thrive on the busy lifestyle I lead – now it’s just with an amazing fitness family.


General Training Summary to date: 2 x sessions with personal trainer a week – 1 x legs 1 x upper body / 1 x interval run (we started with 2 x interval runs for the first two months) / 1 x long run / as many yoga sessions as I can manage and two rest days.


Weekly training stats: Miles/kms covered: 24.05km/14.09 miles

Tuesday: 29 Jan

60 mins leg training with Personal Trainer James McGill/Gymbox Covent Garden followed by 4.05km interval run session on my local track (Sutcliffe Park Athletics track)

Wednesday: 30 Jan

60 mins hot yoga at Yotopia, Covent Garden.

Thursday: 31 Jan

NTC session at home – included Paula Radcliffe’s Marathon Prep Workout and Kara Goucher’s Pro Running Stretches – total time: 30 mins

Friday: 1 Feb

60 mins upper body training with Personal Trainer James McGill/Gymbox Covent Garden followed by 90 mins yoga and meditation at Yotopia, Covent Garden.

Saturday: 2 Feb

20k run across London’s bridges. Started at Gymbox Covent Garden, ran to Lambeth Bridge and then to Tower Bridge crossing the river where ever I could and back again.

Sunday: 3 Feb


NTC session at home – included Kara Goucher’s “Pro Running Stretches” – total time: 15 mins

Monday: 4 Feb

60 mins hot yoga at Yotopia, Covent Garden

NTC session at home – included Paula Radcliffe’s Marathon Prep Workout and Kara Goucher’s Pro Running Stretches – total time: 30 mins


Running track of the week: Show Me What You Got – Jay-Z

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