Review: Military Fitness @ Gymbox Farringdon

Enjoy getting yelled at military style? We definitely do. If so, here is one way to get your kicks...

What: Military Fitness (functional interval training)

When: 7am Monday

Where: Gymbox Farringdon

How much: Free to members

What Gymbox says…

‘ATTEEEEEEENTION! Quick march into this hardcore session as your drill sergent gets ready to aim and fire you into military status.’

What we say…

One of our favourite classes. Our first piece of advice is don’t be deceived by the friendly Aussie, Rusty. He takes no prisoners. Something we’ve learnt the hard way. Being late = extra burpees, being lazy = extra burpees, hands on hips = extra burpees.

So what is it…in short high intensity intervals. Rusty is newly qualified in CrossFit coaching so classes are full of functional training, speed work, and tabatha style training. Things are mixed up every week and includes everything from flipping tractor tyres (because this is a must-have skill for every young professional) to rope climbs.

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