Guest Review: Spikes and Heels Class

The original badass fitness blogger launched a fitness class at Gymbox Farringdon in May. It filled up within two hours of being announced. Here’s the lowdown from blogger and Dedicated Follower of Fitness Lorna.


What: Spikes and Heels class

Where: Gymbox, Farringdon

When:  Every second Wednesday, 8pm (next one is on the 4th September)

Duration: 1 hour

Price: £10 per session (book via


The Spikes and Heels class is the brainchild of badass fitness blogger Bangs of Bangs and a Bun and Spikes and Heels. Tired of the way fitness is always pitched to women, Bangs wanted to create classes for women who want to push their limits, smash their PBs and aren’t afraid of a little sweat.

This hardcore body conditioning class aims to burn from the get go and create a community of women who want to help push one another to their limits.

Last night Lorna headed over to Gymbox Farringdon to check it out…


What ‘Bangs’ says…

‘It’s a class that will push you to your limits in true Spikes & Heels style, have you sweating up a storm and leave you with that good ache the next day.’


What ‘Lorna’ says…

Last night I tried a class that has been on the wish list for too long – Spikes and Heels at Gymbox Farringdon. It’s pitched as a ‘hardcore’ class that will burn from the get go and it didn’t disappoint!

The class is taught by the tough but lovely Pavlina Golds in conjunction with badass blogger Bangs, from Spikes and Heels. After a big hello Pavlina gets us started.

The Warm up – We were split into two groups. Those against the wall had to hold a squat whilst the other group did walking lunges across the length of room and back. We had 4 rounds of this, it felt like 40.

Conditioning and Resistance – Star jumps, side lunges, back lunges, split squats. Ouch. We were then asked to pair up for partnered 60 second squats, push ups, sit ups and then some more push ups. Three rounds of that. Wowza. Finishing up with every kind of step up you could possibly imagine…you name it we did it. The last move was killer – 50 jumps squats on the step.

Stretches – The class finished up with some mean mean stretches.

The verdict – Pav and Bangs worked us hard, but I felt so damn good at the end of it. This was a class with a friendly but determined atmosphere. It was a real tough work out that I felt working immediately. I’m in for the next session. It’s too good not to try again.

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Book onto the 4th September class here:

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