Fitness classes on huge trampolines? Dreams DO come true!

fitness classes at Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park

Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park may just have won the Lunges + Lycra award for most fun you can have in a fitness class 2015. And there’s 50% off classes this week too – discount code at the bottom of the post.

When I was a kid, and I couldn’t get to sleep, I used to invent soap operas in my head. One of my favourite plot lines was going round to my best mate Charley-Ann’s house and discovering the whole upstairs had turned into a massive bouncy castle! Not quite Emmerdale, I know, but still pretty awesome.

So when I got invited to try out the new fitness classes at Oxygen Freejumping in Acton, well… if I was a lover of shit puns and lazy journalism, I’d say my inner seven year old was jumping for joy.

If you haven’t heard of Oxygen Freejumping, it’s basically a massive f-off bouncy paradise. The UK’s newest indoor trampoline park, and the only one in London, there are 150 interconnected trampolines to jump around on – yep, it’s as fricking amazing as it sounds. There’s also an obstacle course, a dodgeball court, an airbag to do tricks into (or just collapse on) and basketball rings for some bouncy slam dunking. The park opened in July, and this week they’re launching their new fitness classes – Oxygen Rebound and Airborne. Both are great for cardio, core, balance and strengthening – and Airborne is particularly great for taking ridiculous Instagram photos like this.

Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park

Here’s the lowdown (high up, low down… sorry)

Oxygen Rebound

Monday, 18.00; Tuesday, 10.00; Wednesday, 19.00; Thursday, 10.00

Oxygen Rebound

Now I don’t want to get you too excited too early, so I’ll lead with the more ‘normal’ of the two classes. Held in a dedicated studio on small Rebounders – like mini trampettes – Oxygen Rebound is a one-hour class, similar to a standard workout class. Well, a standard workout class if you live on the moon. According to Oxygen Freejumping founder David Stalker, NASA research has found that trampolining is three times more effective than jogging.

Starting out with a few instructions of how to bounce properly – slightly leaning forward, legs bent, jumping down into the Rebounder rather than up – you’re then led through an energetic cardio routine to music. It goes something like this – jump this way, jump that way, jump your legs together, jump them apart, jump around in a circle, wave your arms, jump some more, collapse in a sweaty heap. We only had a 15-minute taster but seriously, I couldn’t have done much more. It’s also harder than you think jumping in one spot, the uneven surface means your core and balance are more than tested and your legs are like half-set jelly when you get off.

Oxygen Rebound

Our lovely instructor Marina

To end there’s some strength work using the Rebounder – lunges with one leg on, squats while standing on it, crunches – which allows you deeper range of motion and calls that core into action again.

This is a great class if you’re dropping kids off at the park and have some time to fill, fancy a workout with a difference, or are a bit nervous of the full on bounce of the trampoline park.

If you’re a bit more kamikaze, however, may we introduce…


Tuesday, 19.00; Thursday, 19.00
£10 (for this class you will need special jumping socks, which you can buy at reception)

Oxygen Rebound

Instructor Majek giving it some air

This hour-long class takes place in the trampoline park itself, on a big section of interconnected trampolines. The interconnected sections are not quite as bouncy as the professional trampolines they also have, and which you may have tried at school. This is a good thing – professional trampolines would result in carnage!

You get a trampoline to yourself and warm up with some gentle bouncing – pretty much the only gentle thing about this class. Then it’s on to jumping ridiculously high, touching one knee and then the other (impossible to coordinate), tuck jumps, seat drops, straddle jumps. It’s exhausting but stupid amounts of fun. Even when my lungs were about to burst I didn’t want to stop.

fitness classes at Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park

Even Zebedee couldn’t keep this up for an hour though, so there’s some conditioning work as well. Thought reverse curls were tough? Try them on a trampoline! The next day I had DOMs in my cheeks from laughing so much. If I lived nearer I’d go every week. Fab.

To get 50% off Oxygen Rebound and Airborne classes held between 19-25 October 2015, use the code OXYGENISE when you book.

For more details and to book visit

If you prefer to go your own way, one hour’s freejumping in the park costs £12.50.

Ps. I am in my 30s. I will be having my next birthday party at Oxygen Freejumping. You are ALL invited!

tuck jump

Bonus picture of me doing my best Tom Daley

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