Reader Review: Barrecore

Reader Lorna went along to Barrecore, a toning class that uses body weight exercises, small movements and a ballet barre! She didn’t wear a tutu.

What: Barrecore

Where: King’s Road, Chelsea

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £28 for single class. Packages are available.

What they say: ‘Barrecore is a one-hour series of movements designed to stretch every muscle group in the body. Using a ballet barre, your own body weight and isometric exercises, your muscles quickly transform, becoming longer, stronger, leaner and more flexible’

Lorna’s verdict: Yesterday I attended my first Barrecore class run by the lovely Jenny Cartwright-Ball. Today I feel it EVERYWHERE! Typically, I am a dedicated runner and swimmer and never really felt the need to do anything else. However, recent advice explained that Barrecore would provide strength training to complement my running and swimming as well as giving me better definition, and elongated, toned muscles… a toned bum and longer looking legs has been my lifetime aim.

Generally, I’m not a big fan of classes as I’m uncoordinated and usually want to get a good, hard cardio workout. However, I LOVED this class. Held in a lovely studio just off the Kings Road, I was already happy as I walked in. The class itself was small and I think I was the only beginner, but Jenny made me feel comfortable and ensured I was in the correct positions. (It didn’t seem to matter that I couldn’t do the splits like the lady next to me!)

The movements were simple and elegant,yet so, so effective – you only have to look at the instrctors and other people in the class to see they work. My muscles were quivering holding the different poses and today I have that lovely pain you get when you’ve done something new and hard – I believe the technical term is DOMS. I almost feel that my bottom has already started lifting… and that definitely has to be a good thing.

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