June’s Trainer of the Month: Kim Ingleby

We have a bit of a fitness crush on this lady, the super-enthusiastic, super-motivated, super-bloody-fit, ironwoman Kim Ingleby.


Trainer: Kim Ingleby




Favourite exercise: Burpee into a Press Up, really effective and works pretty much every muscle in your body! (NUTTER!!! L&L) Plank into side plank, great core exercise. I’m loving the new Tabata training principles, and give me a muddy, hilly off road running route and I’m off.

Favourite kit: My top pieces are the Alpha Bag (a heavy sand bag), Kettlebell, TRX (if travelling) Swiss Ball and Flexi Bar, you can pretty much do everything with these pieces.

Training mantra: Give yourself permission to follow your dreams and make them your goals. Know you need to feel uncomfortable to change, be patient, consistent and enjoy the ride…

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make” – Les Brown.


Good ass Kim

Good ass Kim

Follow Kim on Twitter, check her out on Facebook and you can’t help but feel motivated to get off your ass. Seriously the chirpiest, happiest person ever and it’s obvious she loves what she does. If you’re lucky enough to be based in the South West, you NEED to train with Kim. If not, tweet her, she’s happy to help with any fitness questions. She’s well nice is Kim. Here’s why she loves fitness and training people so much:

I love training and empowering people to realise that they can achieve their goals,so in 2004 I set up Energised Performance to do just that. I started with just personal training and now combine this with sports massage, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), nutrition and hypnotherapy to give people all the skills they need to feel fit, strong and confident inside and out.

We have raised over £32k for charity, run workshops all over the country and I have clients from 10 -79 years old, from Team GB athletes to Strictly Come Dancing stars, comedians and lots of lovely ladies.

Personally, I love to train too. Anything outdoors is my passion, which probably comes from growing up on a farm.  Each week varies but my training is usually a mix of swimming (in a random lake!), cycling (i’m just learning to mountain bike), running (the more hills the better?!), strength training, lots of core conditioning and a little bit of pilates. I’m always up for a challenge or race and love to have experiences in beautiful places.  I love to try out new things and secretly would love to be able to dance with passion, expression and creativity, something I need to find a very good teacher for!! Watch this space…


Finishing the ironman and still smiling!

Finishing the ironman and still smiling!

I’m really proud that I managed to complete the Ironman UK last year and raise over £3,000 for Sands to support my friend who lost her second baby, Ashley (You can read more here http://www.sportsister.com/category/kim-ingleby/).  It was one of the most crazy experiences of my life!  Trekking across the Andes from Argentina to Chile, and completing the Winter Tough Guy were also pretty crazy events. My best memories are from three day eventing for the Scottish Under 21 Team (a long time ago!) at Blair Castle on my horse, Casper, brilliant times. I am heading to Turkey soon to compete in the European Age Group Triathlon Champs which I am super excited about too, as I have had Sept – Feb off training due to cervical treatments, which are now all clear, but it feels like a gift to be given this opportunity, so I will do my very best!


Kim’s top training tips:

♦ Be clear about what and why you want to achieve your goal and what you will gain when you have achieved it. This makes your motivation and focus really clear.

♦ Build a vision board, make yourself accountable to some supportive friends and set consistent, mini goals each week – if you’re not sure, ask for advice and support.

♦ Move your body daily, think about your posture and have quality rest days.

♦ Mix up your training sessions with quality cardio, strength and core work each week.

♦ Keep your nutrition simple – eat lots of good, fresh foods, watch your portion size and reduce your sugars, white and processed foods. Drink plenty of water too.

♦ Aim to sleep between 10.30pm and 6am for the best recovery and energy, manage your stress and learn to like the person you are.

♦ Have the courage to go for it and if you get a couple of days ‘wrong’, don’t worry just get back on track towards that positive goal.



Kim is National Brand Ambassador for Sweaty Betty & Shock Absorber, and she is training the Pink Lady Apples Team and hundreds of other women to complete their first Race for Life.  She writes for lots of fitness magazines and was featured in Grazia 2013 as the Hot Trainer in the Body Happy Issue. She has a passion for life and would love to help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions Kim says just comment or tweet her @kimingleby, nothing is a silly question or goal, nothing is too small or big, she will help you with compassion, empathy and knowledge x 

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