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Lidl Fitness Collection

lidl fitness collection braThe budget supermarket has a whole range of new fitness kit you can put in your basket. But is it any good?

January, it’s the month of new exercise regimes and pretending you’re going to give up booze. If your budget doesn’t stretch to boutique gym membership and designer leggings though, never fear, Lidl is here. Yep, that’s right, Lidl.

lidl foam roller

The discount German supermarket has launched a fitness collection including clothing and equipment, and the prices are stupidly low. We got to try out some of the clothing in a fitness class in December and it fared much better than we were expecting.

Our favourite piece was the dusky pink yoga bra (above) which looks very Stella McCartney yet only costs £5.99 and is available in sizes 10-24. And while it’s a low-impact bra it actually gave a decent level of support even on treadmill sprints. Impressive.

lidl fitness kit

The cropped leggings (£4.99) and vest tops (£3.99) are basic but if you’re just getting into exercise and don’t want to spend too much on technical fabrics and fancy patterns then you can’t argue with the prices. Sizes range from 10-20 and even though the leggings I tried were grey there were no sweaty bum patches. I did find the 10 a little large though so probably not worth trying if you’re a size 8 or under.

lidl fitness

Equipment wise, we didn’t get the chance to properly try these out but the wheel trainer, £3.99, balance board, £6.99, resistance tube set, £4.99, and weighted skipping rope set, £6.99 are worth a look for adding some variety to your home and park workouts.

Lidl’s fitness collection is available in stores from 5 January until stocks last.

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