Gear of the Week: Roller Skates, Yeah!

Get vintage skates, join free group skates, try not to look like a tool.

These popped into our inbox the other day. It’s like Christmas ’86 all over again (yeah, you’re not old enough, whatevs). Along with tashes, nhs specs and frigging cupcakes (we hate cupcakes) it seems roller boots are the latest thing to get all retro cool on our ass. But are they just a bit shit? We’re not sure.

They look less Tampax than inline skates, you can burn up to 500 calories an hour, they tone your bum and major leg muscles and they’ll go down a treat in Hoxton but we’re not convinced we wouldn’t just feel a bit of a prat.

If you fancy reliving the childhood joy of skating all day, and doing that weird shuffle thing when you take them off because you can’t remember how to walk, you can do it in a group, thereby easing any embarrassment you may feel going solo. Win! is a free communal skate for beginners held every Saturday at 10.30am in Battersea Park. No cars, phew.

If you’re nails and fancy going a bit further (and you’ll need less retro, more decent skating skates for this) is a 10-15 mile skate around London every Friday from 8pm, leaving from Wellington Arch. Hang on 10-15 miles?!! They also do a similar skate called The Sunday Stroll, funnily enough on Sundays, leaving at 2pm from Serpentine Road. You’ve probably seen them haring through Soho before. ‘ooooohhhh Bodyfooooooorrrmmmmmmmm

Stateside Skates Rio Roller Skates from £45, John Lewis

Nothing to do with anything but we love this video 

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