Review: GRAVITY @ Nuffield Health

Want to build muscle but don’t know a squat from a snatch? We’ve tried just the thing…GRAVITY. US import GRAVITY, is a 60-minute resistance session that instead of using weights, uses your body as resistance against gravity. This is done using the Total Gym machine, a ‘glide-board’ that slides back and forth combined with a system of cables and bars.

What: GRAVITY with Michael (Master Trainer!)

When: Available at selected Virgin Active, David Lloyd Leisure, Nuffield Health and Everyone Active clubs as well as independent gyms across the country (see for full listing)

Duration: One hour

Cost: Small group training from £20 and Personal Training from £35, or included in membership at some centres

What they say – works literally every single muscle in your body

‘GRAVITY uses a moving glide board and a variable incline resistance which means that participants use their own body weight as resistance against the pull of gravity. It works literally every single muscle in your body – engaging five components of exercise; muscular endurance, cardio endurance, strength, agility and flexibility.’

What we say – weightlifting without the heavy weights

Positioned as ‘weightlifting without the heavy weights’ we were a bit sceptical about how hard this class was going to be but we need not have worried. Within five minutes our abs were on fire and we had a full on sweat on.

The board looks a bit like a high end Pilates Reformer, basically a gliding board with an adjustable incline and some cables. The class involves performing a number of different exercises in quick succession – from upper to lower body including countless variations of squats, crunches, rows, lateral pulls and plyometric jumps (which can also be done off the machine). It works for everyone from beginners to hard-core gym-goers, the small class sizes ensure the training is tailored by fitness level. You can adjust the incline to your own intensity – but Master Trainer Michael wasn’t about to go easy on us so upped our incline and threw in some kettlebells for good measure.  The verdict is we not only loved it but also felt the ‘benefits’ the next day. Plus with Coleen Rooney as an advocate who could resist!?




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