Blue Cow 30-Day Challenge! Huzzah!

We like yoga. We like a challenge. We’re huge fans of 30-day periods. So when Blue Cow Yoga got in touch about their new Blue Cow 30-day challenge, hey we jumped at the chance to try it out.


What it is? Running throughout the summer, the Blue Cow challenge is aimed at getting fit for the summer/beach/bikini/life, whatever you want really. We’re not huge fans of the ‘bikini body’ transformation type thing, mainly because we look perfect in bikinis (ahem). And also because it promotes a binge/purge type approach to fitness and diet but we’re pleased to say, this is a lot more sensible than that. No yak’s milk and enema fads here.


Blue Cow Yoga

The aim? The aim is to do some form of exercise, however large or small, everyday for 30 days straight. The good bit is that this is really flexible. Blue Cow are well aware that yoga is often only one part of a person’s fitness regime and so any kind of exercise counts, whether that’s swimming, weight training, running or going for a brisk walk or stretch on a day when you want a bit more of a rest. It all depends on your fitness level to start with.

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What do you get? At the start of the challenge you attend a challenge meeting – a one-on-one with a member of Blue Cow staff to set your goal for the 30-days as well as the week ahead. This could be anything from trimming down to mastering a new yoga pose, becoming a faster runner or managing to fit exercise into your hectic daily routine. Each week you will attend a meeting where Blue Cow will review your goals, give you advice on how to achieve them (through both exercise and nutrition) and help you set new ones.

As well as your challenge meetings you get unlimited Pilates and yoga classes for the duration of the challenge, a Blue Cow Bootcamp session every Saturday and Blue Cow Runners running club on Wednesday evenings.


Photo nicked from Bianca at

Photo nicked from Bianca at

How much is it then? £99 (free to existing annual and DD members), which we reckon is a bit of a bargain.

Who is it good for? Anyone. Men, women, those new to exercise or new to yoga, experienced yogis, fitness fanatics who fancy adding yoga to their routine, those who struggle to juggle exercise and work (Blue Cow is based in the city and has classes that fit in perfectly around the working day), those who just want cheap unlimited yoga for a month…

Find out more here

Not us, unfortunately

Not us, unfortunately

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Our Challenge

So we’re both doing this challenge and our fully yoga-cised bodies will be reporting back each week with how we’re doing. Ommmm.




Goal: To strengthen legs and regain running fitness.

After injuring my calf marathon training I was unable to run for around seven weeks and struggled to maintain fitness. I got so annoyed with injury I ended up having a few weeks of eating crap and drinking a lot. My first run back after seven weeks was a lung-straining, leg-aching wake-up call. Now I want to get fit again, get my running back to a non-embarrassing standard and strengthen my legs and body generally so that I am less likely to get injured in the future. I am treating the challenge as a kick up my rapidly softening ass. (And I’d also like to hold the wheel move in yoga for longer than five seconds.)

 Starting point

  • Running fitness: Struggled to run five miles (albeit a hilly five miles) aching hips, lungs, and that watery mouth feeling you get before you puke at the top of every hill.
  • Feeling overall: Flabbier and much less fit than usual. Struggling to sleep.
  • Weight: Weight loss isn’t my goal but I’ve definitely put on a few pounds since I stopped running and things are a bit ‘softer’ than usual. I’m not too bothered what the scales say but I would like to tone up and will monitor any body changes along the way.
  • Time I can hold the wheel for: 15 seconds. Pffft.




Emma - Headshot


Goals: To learn to chill out, regain my (running) fitness and lose a bit of squidge.

I started a new 9 to 5 about a month ago and rather than clocking the miles I’ve been clocking my time in the office. The result isn’t great. So a BCY 30 day challenge kick up the arse is just what the doctor ordered.

First and foremost my #30daychallenge is about making sure I prioritise making a bit of time each day to chill…be it in the yoga studio or at home. I’m a proper stress head so this is probably my biggest challenge. That said I also need to get off my arse and do some serious training. My running is dire at the moment so the plan is to ease myself back in gently with some running combined with a few downward dogs to keep me from seizing up from the shock of starting to clock up some miles again.

 Starting point

  • Running fitness: My legs feel like lead within about 5 minutes.
  • Feeling overall: Stressed, very squidy and a bit off my fitness game.
  • Weight: My lack of miles over the last month has resulted in definite extra squid.

Want to join us? Sign up for the challenge here. It’ll be good to see you!

Want to see how other challengers are getting on? Bianca from Pica Pica Style is limbering up with us. Check out her blog here.

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