Yoga Hopping

Yoga can be a pricey business, so hop from studio to studio, take advantage of all the wonderful introductory offers out there, and do it on the cheap.

Yoga can be a pricey habit. Studios lure you in with amazing offers then, once you’re hooked, you have to fork out a small monthly fortune to get your regular fix. That’s why we’re fans of yoga hopping. Take up all the different studio’s introductory offers and hope a new place opens by the time you’ve got round them all. Or, find one you love and face the fact that it’s going to cost. What price bendy hamstrings, a chilled-out mind and rock-hard core eh?


Some of the great yoga offers out there:




Hot Bikram Yoga

Hot Bikram Yoga

♥ Hot Bikram Yoga

Where: Balham, Fulham, London Bridge

Intro offer: 20 days for £35

Classes follow the traditional Bikram Yoga sequence of 26 postures practiced in a room heated to around 100F. Bikram classes last 90 minutes and you can attend as many classes as you want over the 20 days. Read our review of HBY here.





♥ Yogahaven

Where: Brighton, Birmingham, Clapham, Islington

Intro offer: Brighton, 10 days for £10. Birmingham,10 days for £15. London studios, 20 days for £25.

Yogahaven’s heated classes are between one hour and 90 minutes in length. Styles vary from studio to studio but most offer flow alongside more restorative options. You can attend an unlimited number of sessions on the opening offer, although a few of the busier classes aren’t available at Clapham (details online). Read our review here.


Bikram Yoga London

Where: North (NW5), West (W10), City (N1)

Intro offer: 30 days for £35

This offer is only open to people who have never tried Bikram before, not those who are just new to the studio. Not that we’re suggesting anything but, if you’re a Bikram pro, maybe fall over a couple of times in your first class eh. Some peak classes aren’t available on this pass so check before you turn up.


Hot power yoga

Hot Power Yoga

Where: Clapham, Blackfriars

Intro offer: 30 days for £40

Hot Power Yoga classes are held in a room heated to 20-32C so it’s hot, but not as hot as many other studios. During the 30-day intro period you can also email an expert yoga advisor with any questions you may have (yoga-based questions that is).


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Where: Covent Garden

Intro offer: 10 days for £35

Not the cheapest deal out there but it is a rather swanky studio in the heart of Covent Garden. As well as hot yoga, hot Pilates and hot ballet (yep really), the studio offers a variety of other non-heated classes including Ashtanga Yoga and Dynamic Pilates.


Sohot Bikram Yoga

Where: Soho, Victoria

Intro offer: 14 days for £35

These central studios are handy for pre- or post-work classes, although some of the 6pm classes are unavailable on the opening offer. Membership is interchangeable between studios and Victoria also has a treatment room where massages can be booked at an additional cost.




The Life Centre

The Life Centre

Where: Notting Hill, Islington

Intro offer: 14 days for £20

A selection of different yoga styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar, the studios also offer pregnancy yoga and Pilates. When you sign up for the new client offer you get 20% off a therapy of your choice at the Islington centre. Therapies include massage, acupuncture, reiki and more.



Where: London Fields

Intro offer: 10 days for £20

This new studio is just off Broadway market (trendy). Classes tend to be upbeat and dynamic – ie sweaty – although there are some gentler options too.


There are plenty of other yoga studios out there with introductory offers just waiting to be claimed so shop around before you book in anywhere and, if you hear of an amazing offer, send the details our way!

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