Week 9 marathon blog: Abi

Your kit might not be the coolest, your quads may not be the biggest, you might be the shortest/fattest/skinniest/hairiest mofo in the field. Who cares? Don’t judge people by what they look like, judge them by who they are and what they can do.

Name: Abi Wright

Goal: To finish in one piece!

Marathon history: First marathon

What I learnt this week: Don’t judge

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This weekend I ran 18 miles. Yes, 18 whole miles! It left me in tears – and not just because it was hard work!

I got emotional because the longer and further I run as part of my training, the more I appreciate the fact that I can actually do it. As I ran I saw a number of people out and about doing their shopping on motorised scooters. It made me think, if I hadn’t taken control of my weight, that would have been me. I wouldn’t be running and enjoying this glorious weather, I wouldn’t even be able to walk.

When I first started out on my fitness journey some people would look at me and I know they were thinking ‘she’ll never do it’, but I’m fighting back and proving that anything is possible. My message to all those people is, ‘don’t judge!’

We all remember back in 2009 when Susan Boyle walked on the stage on Britain’s Got Talent. Most of the audience were laughing at the way she looked before she even opened her mouth. When she started singing though, they soon changed their mind.

These kind of preconceived judgements are something you face every day when you live life in a bigger body. You are instantly judged, you must be ‘lazy’, ‘greedy’, ‘stupid’… you’re an easy target for a cheap laugh. But people don’t consider what’s really inside.


Being teased for being overweight isn’t easy. Like many people I hated myself for abusing my body so badly and when people highlighted this it cut like a knife.


I’ve noticed that since I’ve shed the pounds, people’s attitudes have changed. They take me much more seriously. Assistants even notice me in clothes shops now. Undoubtedly, this has a lot to do with the new-found confidence becoming fit and healthy has given me, but it’s also down to appearance.

When I was overweight I learned how cruel people can be. I saw first hand how people are judged before they even open their mouth, both in real life and on social media. Being teased for being overweight isn’t easy. Like many people I hated myself for abusing my body so badly and when people highlighted this it cut like a knife.

I’m no longer dangerously overweight, people are no longer cruel about my size, but my point is still, don’t judge. Get to know people’s story and appreciate the struggles they have to face. A couple of years ago people may well have sniggered behind my back if I’d told them I was going to run a marathon. In four weeks time though, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

26.2 miles, bring it on!


Weekly training stats

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 12.45.14

Rest and roller/stretch

8 mile run

5 miles run

Spin HIIT weights

Interval sprints 3 miles

Rest up

Wait for it…………. 18 miles!!


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