Week 8 marathon blog: Lorna

As Lorna prepares to tackle the Silverstone half marathon, nerves are starting to get the better of her.

Name: Lorna

Age: 30

Goal: To finish better than last year!

Marathon history: One marathon under belt – London 2013. Finished in 4hrs 54 mins

What I learnt this week: The voices in your head know just how to push your buttons!


Lorna at Silverstone last year

Lorna at Silverstone last year

This week I am running Silverstone Half Marathon and I’m nervous. More so than usual. I’ve completed this race before – last year – and I loved it. I knocked 28mins off my half marathon best. Despite everyone saying the course is dull I had a great time “whizzing” around. I ended feeling on top of the world and like I could have gone on for miles more. I’d love to feel like that again on Sunday but I’m not sure I will simply because I’m aware of what’s ahead of me – and the excitement is turning into anxiety. I must find a way to change that before Sunday!

Why am I anxious? Well here’s where the “bad” voice in my head makes itself heard. Firstly I’m heavier than I was this time last year and I’m convinced that will slow me down. I’ve set a time in my head that I’d truly love to reach but it’s a little over confident of me to expect that. I’ve changed who I weight train with and the focus is off – I’ve questioned my ability and strength way more this time around for some silly reason. I’ve struggled a little on my long runs during this round of training too – It’s not been fun, it’s been hard and at the end of each run I’ve felt like there is absolutely nothing left in the tank – NOTHING! (this worries me the most). All of these points are “mind over miles” issues, but sometimes they do nag at me…!

Now time for the “good” voice in my head to chime in. All of the above statements are mostly nonsense. Yes, it’s true, I’m heavier than this point last year, but I’m also fitter and faster. I’m running at least 60seconds per km faster than the equivalent run in last year’s training so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t aim for a PB on Sunday (and if I don’t reach it WHO CARES??). Yes, my gym life has been turned upside down and there isn’t just that one person helping me on my way – there’s two (really, there’s four!) but I have to remember its ME that’s putting in the work, not them, and as long as I can safely say I’ve put in my all I guess that just has to be good enough. With my long runs it should be viewed as a good thing that I’m running out of steam at the end – it means I’m pushing myself to my absolute limits each time I lace up. At the end of the day I still have time until the marathon to up the ante – so let’s see how Sunday goes and move forward from there.


Conquering Richmond 10k

Conquering Richmond 10k

Weekly training stats: 20km run this week

Friday 21 Feb
60 min strength session with a personal trainer. Stress levels were high, body was tired, so this was more restorative than anything else. Lots of assisted stretches and some light upper body work.

Saturday 22 Feb
Rest day.

Sunday 23 Feb
10km race in Richmond Park. By no means a PB race, but a nice challenge – there were hills, different tracks, lots of wind and a little rain to test my patience. This was a satisfying race.

Monday 24 Feb
Rest day.

Tuesday 25 Feb
60 mins strength training with a Personal Trainer. Today was a slightly easier session – my heart wasn’t in it, so stayed true to my energy levels. Rather than punish myself we took things easier with a light back and arm workout and some leg stretches.

Wednesday 26 Feb
5km run with Nike+ Run Club Holborn.

Thursday 27 Feb
5km run, NTC stretch.


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