Week 6 marathon blog: Abi

This week Abi answers some of the questions she regularly gets asked about her lifestyle revolution – losing 14 stone and going from a non-exerciser to training for a marathon.

Name: Abi Wright

Goal: To finish in one piece!

Marathon history: First marathon

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What made you sign up for a marathon?
When I started my weight loss and fitness journey I was around 25 and a half stone and couldn’t run. It took me quite a long time to pluck up the courage to take a few steps as I was worried what people would think. After a few months of run/walking I covered my first mile in 19 minutes 40secs. Running has always been the most challenging aspect of my training but this just makes me more determined to tackle it head on, push further and achieve longer distances. I ran my first 1.5 miles in May 2012, 5k in June 2012, 10k May 2013 and a half marathon in October 2013. Now I’m averaging around 11 minutes a mile, nearly nine minutes quicker than when I started. The next step for me had to be the ultimate challenge of 26.2, with just seven weeks to go it is starting to seem very real!

Did you use a diet club to lose weight?
No! Having tried hundreds of diets and slimming clubs before I wasn’t a fan, it didn’t work for me. So I sought out nutritional advice and did research to educate myself about healthy eating instead. I cut down on carbs and in my first year of healthy eating I didn’t eat potatoes, bread or pasta. I eat quite a lot of protein, which I find fills me up for ages and is great to repair the body after a big session.

What motivates you?
I absolutely love my new healthy life and having the choices I now have motivates me. I can go to a regular shop and buy regular clothes, and finally feeling confident and happy within myself is priceless. I can run and play with my niece Freya and nephews Finn and Faron and even chase them up the stairs. Having the confidence to pick them up from school wasn’t easy when I was overweight – people talk and children say what they see! – but now it’s no problem. I know if I slip back into bad habits I lose what I have now, which would be devastating. I set small goals all the time, I have a great network of friends who motivate me, I have a training buddy too and we help and motivate each other, and Twitter is a massive motivation tool, sharing training and tips with others is brilliant.

How often do you train?
I train six days a week using a programme that I write myself every Sunday. I have a training diary and I log calories burnt and miles run. Six days a week seems a lot to many but I train smart, especially with the marathon training as I can’t afford to get injured. I make sure I have some easier days in there and take those all important rest days that give your body time to recover and come back stronger. Getting the balance right is the key to success.


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Weekly training stats


Week 6 has to be my most challenging yet. Monday kicked off with a run but I only managed 0.2 mile as my toe was playing up after an incident with some nail scissors last week so I got on my spin bike instead for a HIIT session (I get them from YouTube some wicked ones out there).

I’m having issues with piriformis (a literal pain in the ass) and so I took a break from running and had a nice five mile walk. I had a physio session in the evening and was advised to rest for 2/3 days. I have learned loads on my journey and rest and recovery is a must.

I took the physio’s advice and scheduled in some rest. I took the opportunity to put together a new playlist. Can’t beat a playlist that takes your mind off the miles and bring smiles!

Bloody hell the wind was full whack, when I arrived back I looked like Don King. I kicked ass and hit 10 miles and my piriformis was great, see those rest days are worth it!



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