Week 3 marathon blog: Abi

After losing 14 stone Abi is tackling her first marathon, this week she faces her biggest and longest challenge yet…14 miles.

Name: Abi Wright

Goal: To finish in one piece!

Marathon history: First marathon

What I’ve learned this week: I’m not the fastest but I am a person that will not give up, crossing the 26.2 line means everything to me.

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Abi post run


My first race of 2014 left me with a pain in the ass – officially known as piriformis. Learning to rest and recover has been a challenge so I’ve come up with a compromise – cross-training. Today I did an abs workout. Core strength is really important and a strong body helps give me a strong mind.


Still on strict ‘rest and recovery’ orders so today I did some more cross training – spinning and weights. I have my own home gym and its open 24/7 – so there is no excuse to miss a session. I include high intensity interval training (HIIT) to get me fit quick – it’s guaranteed to leave me dripping!


The 24/7 home gym


Today I have the go-ahead to lace up my runners. Not being able to put my miles in has left me a bit anxious. First marathon = more than just the odd butterfly! But I laced up and bagged an easy pain free three miler!


Today was an easy five miles. It was one of those perfect runs, one that you just want to be able to frame and hang on your wall. I made me realise how far I’ve come. If you had asked me four years ago whether I would ever run a marathon I would have bet all my worldly belongings against it! It proves that no matter how big your goal, if you’re willing to work hard, you can achieve it.


Yesterday’s ‘perfect run’ long forgotten I had three cold, dark and wet miles to contend with. It was a night of dodging puddles in an effort to avoid the dreaded ‘soggy foot’.


Today I started with the breakfast of long distance champions – porridge and a cup of the black stuff! I then headed down to Draycote Water, this week’s location for my long run. The long runs are key – the confidence boost I need. Today I got some surprise support from my cousin Ben who appeared on his bike to keep me company. This made my day but I left him to do most of the talking! I did surprise myself as I could talk really well, RESULT! I had another visitor (@grandemum) after 10 miles. The support from my family and friends is absolutely AMAZING! As for the run…my ass held up, the weather held up (mostly) and I SMASHED my target by a mile. 15.1 miles in the bag!


Sunday = foam roller and a deep ass massage! Roll on week 4!!

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