Week 1 marathon blog: Abi

First time marathon runner Abi has been training since completing the Royal Parks Half in October. She tells us how she trained this week (and how she ran straight into a car!)


Wow, what a training week I’ve had. My emotions have been flying all over the shop!

I always plan my week’s action on a Sunday and I knew this week was going to be a tough one. I was working in London for four days (I live in the Midlands) and had a full-on work schedule, so fitting in runs and training was always going to be hard. Here’s a run down (run down, geddit?) of my week in training.

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I kicked ass with a three mile run. One of the best things about losing weight (Abi has lost 14 stone since late 2010!) is that I can now just lace up and get going. I used to run, walk, run, walk and the first time I ran 5k I thought my lungs would burst out of my chest. Now I can just head out whenever, I love the freedom. That said, this running game is still pretty new to me, I think BODY SHOCK is the best way to describe it!

I checked into the Park Lane hotel for work but still managed to fit in a mega gym session including treadmill sprints, weights, the power plate and  a boxing session. It’s what I call a pic ‘n’ mix session, I choose my favourite exercises and moves and do what I fancy. My colleague did fall off the treadmill though, kinda awkward!

I had a lovely visit from Mr DOMS, thankfully the hotel had rails that I could hold on to as I hobbled down the steps. Ow. I decided to ease my legs off with a three mile walk – via Nike Town In Oxford Circus – new kit is beginning to become an addiction!

Abi Hyde Park

I had a free afternoon and I’d planned a five miler round Hyde Park. I didn’t realise how emotional this was going to be though! Hyde Park is where I completed my first 13.1 in October, something I never imagined myself doing when I was bigger, and the emotions of that day just came flooding back. I had to stop at three miles and give myself a good talking to.  The song that came on as I started running again was Something Inside so Strong oh my life, so apt.

I had a well-deserved rest up, chillaxed and got on the foam roller to ease out my aching muscles. Does the foam roller ever become fun? OUCHHHHHH!

I killed my long run – 10 miles this week – but it was an eventful one! I dodged flying missiles and ended up on the bonnet of a Renault Megan. Someone, who I may or may not have shouted ‘tosser’ at, burned out of their drive without looking, powering straight into me. Luckily they were going slowly, respect the runners please! Then at seven miles some kids threw a can of Monster Energy drink at me. It missed, but it still gave me a real shock. Some people are massive assholes!

Easy like Sunday morning. it was a gorgeous day so I got a few fresh sunny crisp miles in. Then a text arrived from my virtual marathon training partner, she was just lacing up so I joined her for an extra 5k. It was tough but I like to think it’s those tough runs that make you stronger!

Despite work commitments it was a 20-mile week for me, I’m feeling a little anxious of the bigger long runs coming up but I’m ONIT bring on next week!!

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