Trainer of the month: Edward Loveday

November’s Trainer of the Month is the guy who’s helping me mend my injuries and get all hench (ahem), Edward Loveday from Six3nine in Covent Garden.

Image by James Conci-Mitchell

Image by James Conci-Mitchell

Specialises in: I specialise in training clients who may be new to strength work. I enjoy the process of making them stronger and feeling more confident towards training

Oh he looks so mean and moody doesn’t he? But Mr Loveday is nothing of the sort. Not only does he have a wonderful beard and the name of a Victorian gentleman, he’s also a really thorough and intelligent PT and a good laugh with it (his attempts at handstands are particularly amusing).

Fave training tuneBlink 182 – What’s my age again

Ed, who works at Six3nine personal training practice in Covent Garden, has been helping me build up my strength and mobility so I can kick my on-going leg injury in the ass (and it seems to be working, yay Ed!). I used to hate strength work, and while I’m not going to say it’s my favourite thing now, I do love training with Ed. It’s like going and hanging out with your mate in the gym – albeit a mate who makes you squat wearing kettle bells as shoulder pads.

Favourite kit: Your Body is the best piece of kit in the world. Use it

Best thing about Mr Loveday? Apart from the fact that he had a farm in his school, yes a real life farm!? It has to be the way he explains things. He used to be a teacher and I think it shows. Not in a lecturing type of way but he explains exactly why and how exercises work and I like that (particularly when so many gym floors contain PTs spouting dubious facts they learned on instagram). The other day I learnt that I always lose weight off my cheeks and fingers first because the body wants to keep fat where it can protect your vital organs – so obvious, how didn’t I know this already?

Training tip: track your performance and make small sustainable improvements


Image by James Conci-Mitchell

Image by James Conci-Mitchell


Fave exercise drill: Hip mobility and glute activation work

Something me and Ed  have in common (aside from the beard) is that he’s not a big believer in fads and restrictions. He trains hard himself liking football, tennis, strength and movement work and the odd Tough Mudder type challenge, but he doesn’t hold back on the eating. He claims to generally follow a healthy nutritious diet and works on nutrition strategy with clients who would like it, and while his six pack suggests he’s telling the truth, every time I go and see him he seems to be buying pizza or getting told off for leaving beef jerky on the gym floor 😉

Training Motto: Enjoy the process just as much as the outcome

He loves a good focus on technique saying ‘the training I do with clients leans towards making them confident with bodyweight moves and basic movement patterns like squats, lunges and deadlifts.’ And this is probably the most important thing he’s taught me. I thought I could squat. Na, now I can really squat. In fact since I’ve started training with Ed two trainers at separate classes have complimented me on my squat technique. Once they start complimenting me on my ass Eduardo, your job will be done.


If you’d like to train at Six Three Nine where they match you with a trainer who most suits your needs (it’s a great gym and I am willing to share Ed) drop them a line to book a free consultation



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