The 10 x 10
full-body circuit

Do this circuit from international boxing champion Carlos Moreno three times a week and you’ll be ready to take on Nicola Adams (maybe)

Last month, to celebrate the launch of PUMA’s new Ignite XT range, we were invited along to a room high above the Tate Modern (hence the awesome views) to put the new cross-training shoe through its paces with a high-intensity interval boxing session from Carlos Moreno, of Moreno Boxing in East London.

Carlos Moreno

Carlos devised this circuit, blame him when it hurts!

Carlos and his team of master trainers are all boxers or ex-boxers so we asked them what kind of workouts they do to keep in shape when they’re not in the ring. This deceptively simple and fiendishly tough, full-body strength and cardio circuit is one of Carlos’ favourites. Designed to raise your heart rate and target all the major muscles in the body, you can do it pretty much anywhere, no equipment needed.

Carlos has been using this circuit for around 10 years now and puts his clients through it week in week out. And if it’s helped him win four international boxing titles we reckon it’s got to be worth a try.

The 10 x 10 full-body circuit

Do 10 reps of each exercise back-to-back with no rest until you complete all 10 exercises. You’re doing this circuit for time – as you get fitter, you should find you’re able to complete it in a shorter timeframe so keep a note to monitor your progress.

  1. 10 x press-ups (hands beneath shoulders, lower your chest towards the ground and push up again. If you can’t do a full press-up keep your knees on the floor)
  2. 10 x sit-ups (knees bent, hands at your temples lift and lower your upper body)
  3. 10 x squats (feet hip width apart, back straight, lower your bum towards the ground as though sitting down and push back up)
  4. 10 x alternating lunges (10 on each leg so 20 altogether)
  5. 10 x squat thrusts (from a plank position, legs together, jump your legs in towards your knees and back out straight again)
  6. 10 x leg raisers (lying on your back, arms at the side, lift your legs together, lower and repeat. Keep back pressed into the floor)
  7. 10 x triceps dips (on the floor or a bench, hands facing forwards, bend your elbows to 90 degrees then push up again)
  8. 10 x dorsal raises (lying on your front, fingers to temples, slowly lift your upper body off the floor, keeping your hips and legs still)
  9. 10 x wide grip push-ups (as a press-up but with your hands wider than your shoulders – this targets your pecs rather than your triceps)
  10. 10 x burpees (yuck! As a squat thrust but jump to standing after each repetition)

Want more? Look out for a gym training circuit from Carlos next week.

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