Sport-a-proof mascara

We’re not the type to exercise with a full face on but there are occasions – you fancy the instructor, you’re having race photos taken – when makeup definitely helps. Sweat-streaked lashes however, not a good look. We tested waterproof mascaras in the heat of a 40 degree Bikram studio to see if they lived up to their claims… (and we made our mate Lizzy do it with normal mascara because we knew the photos would be hilarious).

The natural one

Palladio Herbal Waterproof Mascara , £7.50

They say: ‘Perfect for anyone who needs additional water proofing … The blend of natural waxes helps strengthen and thicken lashes, whilst beneficial herbs help condition.’

Charlotte’s verdict: This has a separating lash comb on the end of the wand which, while a nice idea, does make it a bit tricky to apply. Very light and natural effect, although I prefer my eye makeup to have a touch of the Claudia Winkleman’s so applied around five coats. Definitely had good staying power. There were a few small smudges under my eyes but, to be honest, this was probably from the night before – it was a Sunday morning class, don’t judge!












The sports-specific one

Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara, £10

They say: ‘Specially formulated for sports to thicken, curl and lengthen lashes’

Emma’s verdict: My first thought, a subca diving mascara, really!? But this mascara, while it was a tiny bit claggy, didn’t go anywhere. I won’t be using this for a night out anytime soon but if i fancy looking a little brighter eyed for early doors yoga then a flash of this does the job.












The budget one

W7 Oh So Waterproof Mascara, rrp £7.20

Available for only £1.99 from

They say: ‘Stays put through swimming, tears and everything else life throws at you.’

Charlotte’s verdict: Crap. Really claggy and although it made my lashes look super-long they all stuck together in spikes. It took ages to dry so when I took my jumper off it went all over it and also smudged across my eyelids. Mainly stayed put in the class but I wouldn’t bother.












The volumising one

Collection 2000 Pump up the Volume Waterproof Mascara, £4.99

They say:Curved brush holds more mascara to coat each and every lash for a fanned-out flutter.’

Laura’s verdict: Gave a really good lengthening effect, which you don’t usually get with waterproof mascaras. It wasn’t totally budge-proof, there were a few flakes but not bad at all considering the price. Great to have as a gym-bag spare.












The non-waterproof one

Lizzy did it in her own Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara.

Our verdict: ha ha ha hahahahahahh ha













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