September’s Trainer of the Month: Dan Aldridge

It’s had a little break recently but Trainer of the Month is back with a bang!

September’s trainer is Dan, who compiled a double-hard duathlon workout for us, check it out here. A Very Personal Trainer at Gymbox Covent Garden, Dan’s no nonsense approach to training and this enthusiasm for his client’s progression are the reasons we think he’s such a star. Nothing to do with the army fatigues or baby blues. Nothing whatsoever.

Dan Aldridge

 Trainer: Dan Aldridge


Dan is a trainer at Gymbox Covent Garden, drop him a tweet if you’re interested in finding out more about training sessions.

Favourite exercise: My favourite exercise of all time is the dead lift, this is the absolute daddy. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve fitness, increase strength… this can be adapted to do it all!

Training tune: I listen to tech house when I train, it’s the only thing that gets me going.

Training mantra: Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Dan Aldridge

Words of training wisdom from Dan the man

Being powerful and strong has always been my main focus in training (obviously with a few bicep curls and crunches thrown in here and there). My military background means I have a no-nonsense approach to my training and with my clients.

My Commando experience has shown me what people are capable of with the right mind set. With a strong mind you can achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

Seeing my clients develop is the reason why I have the best job in the world. I often hear the words ‘I can’t’, this is never an option when training with me and shortly turns into ‘I did’. I recently trained a  young guy with many previous injuries to go on and pass out of the Royal Marines. Also a girl who couldn’t pass her run and strength tests for the RAF to go back  after training with me, smash all the tests and be given top recruit.

My biggest fitness achievement was passing my Commando Course, which finished with a 30-mile run across Dartmoor carrying a 45lb pack plus a rifle. This was after 12 weeks of grueling physical tests.

When you’re planning your training, visualize your outcome and what you want to be. If you can’t picture it, it will be hard to push yourself when you don’t know what you’re aiming for.

Hire a good coach or personal trainer who shares the same passion for your goals as you do.

Don’t compare yourself to others, this is your journey no one else’s.


What a lovely guy eh? If you’re interested in training with Dan, drop him a tweet @danaldridgePT 

PS, this is his Twitter avatar! Obviously knows a bit about strength training.

Dan Aldridge

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