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Yes, she’s back! After shedding 14 stone Abi took on her biggest challenge this year, the Virgin London Marathon. But since the big day she’s been struggling to get her running mojo back. So she’s taking on the Royal Parks Half on 12 October and we know she’s going to ace it!

13th April 2014 was the most amazing day of my life. I completed the London Marathon, something which four years ago when I was 14 stone heavier, I never would have thought possible. I now sleep with my medal by my bed so that every morning when I wake up I can check it wasn’t a dream. I really have come that far…

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Since May though, I’ve been battling with my running. I had an eye operation forcing me to rest for a month. And I’ve also had a battle getting my body working again. Complete rest was very welcome after my operation as my body was broken, I felt like I’d done 50 rounds with Mike Tyson. But mentally I wanted to train.

Giving myself a break from running I took to cycling and I even hit a 100-mile week! But my runners were getting jealous so I eventually took them out for a spin. Every step was a battle my body was almost rejecting the challenge. It was crazy to think that only a few months back I ran 26.2.

Everything in moderation hey Abs!

Everything in moderation hey Abs!

Since I started my weight loss journey, running has always been my biggest challenge and I guess if it was easy the streets would be packed. Training a once morbidly obese body to run a marathon wasn’t easy and almost floored me but the other week though I thought, no I need to get back into this, I want to rediscover my love of running. I need a challenge. So one quick call and I was on for the Royal Parks Half 13.1!


 My motto in life is challenge yourself, have goals and MAKE THAT CHANGE.


I learnt so much during the VLM experience, resting when your body is crying out for it. Making sure that the double figures were not too terrifying. Breaking down the miles into laps so they seem easier to cope with. Having regular massage sessions to ease the pain and give the legs a treat.

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And I now have just a few weeks to put all that knowledge into practice again and pull off my half marathon PB of 2.50.02. I’ve found the comeback extremely hard, and I know I’ve got my work cut out. I have learnt through my weight loss journey, that your mind set is key to success. If you believe you can, you will. I know my body will respond and take me to the finish line.I know the next few weeks are going to be tough but I can’t wait for the challenge!

Finishing last year's RPH

Finishing last year’s RPH


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