Review: The Summer
Sunrise Sessions

Ever wish that you’d had a bit more to show from your mornings than an ingrained smudge mark on your phone from putting it on snooze seven times and a sheen of stress-sweat from consequently running very late? The Summer Sunrise Sessions from lululemon and PRESS London might be worth a look, then.

There’s a pretty big trend at the moment for doing yoga somewhere up high – the reason presumably being that fresh air, some sun – if you’re lucky enough to have any – and a nice view are better for your stretching soul than a gym studio that retains the odour of sweaters-past. Where most of these sessions will set you back a fair few quid, you can book onto this one for free by emailing


It takes place on the beautiful rooftop terrace at the incredibly trendy Ham Yard Hotel (, where you’ll get 45 minutes of wake-up yoga, and some nutrient-heavy stuff to drink. The downside? It all kicks off at 7.15am – yes, yes, it’s almost offensively early, but just think of the smugness you’ll be entitled to – especially as it takes place on 24 August and 7 September – both Mondays. Few will get a bigger march on the week.

With a mission to try and help busy Londoners be more healthy – in mind as well as body – this collaboration features a 45-minute wake-up yoga session, and some tasty good stuff to drink.

When you turn up bleary-eyed, you’ll be treated to a PRESS Probiotic Tonic – full of nutrients and other healthy things to help clear your mind as you wander over to a lululemon yoga mat, where an instructor (we had the lovely @emily_yoga) will be waiting to guide you through the session. For any yoga beginners; there’s nothing too advanced or challenging – this is just to ease you into the day. It’s also worth noting that you should turn up in your yoga kit – ie. anything comfy that’s not going to rip when you’re pulling a warrior 2 – as there isn’t a lot of space for getting changed.

Once you’re feeling suitably zen, it’s time to head across the yard to the PRESS London Soho shop to fuel up on a California Health Shake. Good luck trying to choose between them; we can personally recommend the Java Espresso – coffee, cacao, banana and coconut? The dream…


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