Review: Sports Circuit @ Reebok Sport Club

The Reebok Sports Club is the UK’s largest gym, a fitness fanatic’s wet dream and an obvs ‘must visit’ for L&L. Here’s how we got on at one of their classes…


What: Sports Circuit, Reebok Sports Club

When: Sunday 11.30am – 12.15pm

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: Membership £110 a month plus £40 joining fee. Classes free to members


What Reebok say – improves speed and agility

“Taking place in our sports hall this class uses sports drills to improve cardiovascular fitness, speed, strength and agility. High intensity intervals with short rest periods is the most efficient way of improving fitness.”


What we say – not for the faint hearted

This place is HUMUNGOUS. 100,000 sq. ft. spread over three floors. It’s packed with top notch kit including Europe’s largest spin studio, a 13m climbing wall, UV-filtered swimming pool, indoor golf facility, indoor sports hall, Power Plate studio and TRX studio (which we promptly renamed the ‘Reebok room of pain’ as it looked like it would be better suited to the pages of ’50 Shades of Grey’). They also think about EVERYTHING, the fully stocked changing rooms include GHDs!

The class itself was not for the faint hearted (or beginners). There is no time to stop and improve your form here, so make sure you know how to swing a kettlebell safely as well as the difference between a deadlift and a thruster before stepping in the door.

The class consisted of 13 exercise stations including mountain climbers, side planks, t-bar push ups, kettlebell swings and barbell bicep curls. 50 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds to shift to the next station. With a few group sprints and sets of burpees to keep you guessing!

Apart from a brief introduction to each exercise at the beginning of the class there isn’t a lot of “harder….faster” motivational speak throughout so you’ll have to be prepared to push yourself or go with a fellow gym bunny and encourage each other to work that toosh!!!

Expect to be sweating like a trooper afterwards and head for the showers. On your way, make sure you scoot past the pictures of the rather hot personal trainers – you won’t disappointed. £110 a month you say…

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