Review: Hiit Girl

The ‘just for girls’ session (on my doorstep – WIN!) that promises to keep you burning fat for 24 hours

What: Hiit Girl Signature Session

When: Signature classes run at various times each day (full timetable here:

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Taster session is free

What Hiit Girl says – The best workout for busy women. Ever.

‘Every workout we create is designed with one aim in mind – to give busy women the best possible results without the need to camp out at the gym. To achieve this we combine interval type training with a huge variety of different moves so that no part of you gets left behind. Also, because no two workouts are the same, you’re always being challenged and surprised, whatever the day of the week!’


What we say Just the kick up the arse we needed!

The studios, which are exclusively for women, look like they’d make the cut for Elle Decor magazine. Mismatched picture frames filled with photos of iconic women, splashes of hot pink, wool felt storage bins imported from Berlin, a reception desk made out of reclaimed wood and floor to ceiling windows. Think the inside of a habitat store meets an east end dance studio.

The instructor, Susan, is a walking poster girls for Hiit Girl, think ballet dancer who can bang out a hundred single leg press ups quicker than you can say ‘rond de jambe’. Plus she’s bloody lovely to boot.

The class we tried was the ‘Signature’ class – 15 minutes of ‘muscle moves’ followed by 15 minutes of cardio. For the ‘muscles moves’ think weighted squats, pull-ups, single less press ups, weighted lunges. For the cardio we got plyometrics (different variations of jump moves), high knees on the trampette and finished with a session on the bike (40 seconds all out followed by 20 seconds rest). No one session is the same so it keeps your body guessing. You follow an on screen timer, the 30 minute session is broken down into 1 minute intervals – 40 seconds of exercise and 20 seconds rest, then repeat 30 times! A class of only four meant it felt more like a group personal training session than a class, which meant we got individual adjustment as well as the fact that there was no opportunity for slacking off. The 30 minutes flies by but it’s still a killer. It’s now two days on and my glutes and hamstrings are still in tatters.

The verdict? I bloody loved it. One of the hardest sessions I’ve been to in a while. The intervals mean that you can push yourself harder while you’re working at the promise an imminent recovery period (albeit only 20 seconds!).  This class will definitely get you results fast and if my first attempts at Hiit Girl are anything to go by my fitness levels could do with a kick up the arse! The only thing that stops me signing up for life is the £145 a month price tag for unlimited sessions. The good news is that you can try a free session before you buy. All you need to do is create an account on the website ( You can also snag 25% off your first purchase if you buy it the same day. Plus for those of you (like us) who don’t have a spare £145 quid every month there are pay as you go options, starting from £72 for 4 sessions.


Wanna try it out? Check out the website for details here:

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