Review: Eqvvs Personal Training

Want to know the secret to a model body (genetics and airbrushing aside)? Yes please! We headed over to the heart of Knightsbridge to find out from Nicola Addisson, the personal trainer responsible for keeping the bods of Daisy Lowe, Elle Macpherson and Erin O’Connor in check.

Eqvvs Personal Training is one of the best kept secrets in Knightsbridge. With a client list that includes the likes of Erin O’Connor, Elle Macpherson, Daisy Lowe, Gemma Cairney and some bloke that own half of Knightsbridge, this is a studio for those ‘in the know’ (which obvs includes us!). We did a week’s training with them to find out how it’s done.

Eqvvs 2

Unfortunately, as we expected, there isn’t a way to make us look like Heidi Klum overnight (arse!)…

“Eating less and moving more is the backbone of most of our client goals. Ultimately it is the balance of exercise, good food choices, reduced stress levels, adequate and steady sleep patterns and the reduction of stimulants in equal balance that achieve the desired body effect.”

…Nicola has however given us the lowdown on their approach and some simple tips to get you one step closer to a model bod.


The Eqvvs approach

Eqvvs are all about making sure it is realistic and are advocates of the 80/20 rule. Behave yourself 80% of the time – so regular exercise, clean quality food and some decent kip and 20% of the time have fun and eat what you like (within reason – no kebab chasers after a night out I’m afraid).

 The training

They have a big focus on heavy weights and making the most of compound exercises (which use lots of joints and muscles – so the likes of deadlifts, squats and the military press) – which is key to seeing great results. They won’t make you look like Arnie (promise!).

 The diet

They partner with The Detox Kitchen to provide bespoke meal plans which are tailored to every individual’s calorie requirements. We didn’t try these out but they look fit!

The technology

Eqvvs use a Ki Fit monitor to keep an eye on you including calorie burn, sleep and number of steps. You wear the Ki Fit round your arm so that Eqvvs can then read the data and tailor your food and training in line with what works and what your body needs.


The verdict…we’ve got a lot of love for these guys, they know what they’re talking about and you’re guaranteed a good dose of DOMs.


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