November’s Trainer of the Month: Tom

We’ve been so manic recently we’re only just getting round to putting up November’s Trainer of the Month. It’s worth the wait though. Um, is it un-pc to say phwoar?

Trainer: Tom Dyer of Ultimate City Fitness

Motto: Train hard, Live easy

Want to know our favourite fact about Tom? He once ate six Snickers on a ‘cheat day’. Go Tom! Judging by this shoot we don’t think it’s something he makes a habit of though. However, we do love a trainer who recognises there is life outside the gym and Tom’s diet ethos – 85% healthy wholefood, 15% eating whatever I want – sounds like something we could def get on board with.

As Tom says, ‘ it’s all about balance in life. If we want to stay on track with eating healthy and keeping active we have to reward ourselves on occasion too. The 85% rule is definitely important though, we are truly what we eat!’ And as we can see, Tom is most definitely not a Snickers. Check out some of his, pretty amusing, fat loss tips here

With 20 years experience in the fitness industry (qualified at the age of five innit) and a regular contributor to Men’s Health and other mags, Tom runs Ultimate City Fitness with co-founder Gavin Gillibrand. UCF specialise in body transformation and recently helped ex-England footballer/crap rapper John Barnes drop two stone with their 14 Day Fat Furnace plan. Their personal training, bootcamps and fat-loss services involve fast, fun and bloomin’ intense sessions designed to get results quick. They also offer a money-back guarantee. Bonus.


We do love a bit of free shizz here at L&L, especially when it’s sweat-based. They’re fully booked up at the moment but Ultimate City Fitness will be offering free trial bootcamp sessions in the very near future. Register your interest here:

Is your trainer exceptional, inspirational, or just plain hot? To nominate them for Trainer of the Month send a photo and a few words about them to (Male and female trainers welcome. No discrimination here, we’ll perv over anyone).


  • Jules says:

    Great site! Really enjoyed reading your past posts. 🙂

  • Lauren says:

    I’ve been to a UCF bootcamp class and it is one of the best things I’ve done! Sadly I haven’t been recently due to ££ and work-related scheduling, but if you’re looking for a bootcamp where they know what you’re doing, this is definitely the place!

    Loving the blog (and thanks for the picture to pass a slow Friday at work…..!)

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