March Trainer of the Month: Rebecca

Don’t be fooled by the small, smiley exterior, having been chased repeatedly up a hill by Ms Cox at 6am in the morning, we can confirm she will work you till your eyes bleed. She likes a gossip, she likes wine and her mantra is ‘Stop f**ing hitting snooze’, she’s our favourite EVER trainer (well this month anyway).


Six marathons, one desert. Madness

Six marathons, one desert. Madness

Trainer: Rebecca Cox

Favourite exercise: Jump Squats. I fancy my chances at any kind of ‘squat off’…

Training mantra: Stop fucking hitting snooze. (Our favourite mantra yet)

Specialities: Functional training for sports – helping people prepare physically and mentally for a goal, whether that’s training for an Ironman triathlon or going from a non-runner to completing a 5k in six weeks.

Corporate – As well as training private clients, Rebecca works at creative agency iris Worldwide getting staff away from their desk for 30-minute high-intensity workouts to help them keep in shape, manage stress levels and increase productivity. (Err, this sounds ace, we will be mentioning this to our boss! L&L)


Oh aye?!

Oh aye?!


Rebecca Cox is a fricking nutter. We know this because she has completed the Marathon Des Sables (6 marathons back-to-back across the Sahara) and run 100 miles in 24 hours around a 400-metre track in Tooting. Weird.

Need more evidence? When we asked her what she loved about fitness and being a trainer, she said this:

I love the excruciating muscle burn, I love it when you feel like you’re going to throw up from exhaustion. I love it when the sweat getting in my eyes feels like neat acid, I love the leg ache when I can’t even sit down on the toilet, I love the fact I never have to say no to cake, I love the fact that I could probably chase down a robber and give a citizen’s arrest if required… And I love the fact that my job means I get to make other people learn to love all this too.


Yes, she really did say ‘I love it when the sweat in my eyes feels like neat acid.’

However, despite being a sadistic little terrier, we love Coxy. In fact, we’ve been known to voluntarily book ourselves in for some PT sessions with her on more than one occasion. Why? Cos she’s bloody good at what she does that’s why – want to break your half-marathon PB, manage stress at work and have a laugh while you do it? Coxy’s your gal – as long as you don’t mind that watery mouth feeling you get just before you vom that is.



◊Rest up

Rest days are as much a part of your training plan as the actual sessions… It’s during rest days when your muscles grow back stronger and your body gets fitter. If you train through rest days you completely negate the work you did in the session.

Aim to fail

If it’s not uncomfortable, it’s probably not doing you that much good. If your muscles aren’t burning, if you’re not failing at the reps, if you’re not out of breath, if you’re not exhausted, you’ve not worked as hard as you could have done. Always go to fail.

Drink wine

Keep it balanced. Don’t be distracted by fad diets. Don’t cut food groups. Everything in moderation. Fuel up before training and re-fuel properly after. Drink plenty of water (and wine). Treat yourself.



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