Marathon Bloggers: Lorna, 9 weeks to go!

It’s all about the attitude for first time marathoner Lorna. Positivity sees her through 22km, she sets herself a ridiculous challenge, oh, and she’s now dropped 25kgs. GO LORNA!!!

Name: Lorna Mann

Age: 29

Marathon history: First marathon – London 2013

Goal: to finish in one piece!

What I learnt this week. I have a weak little bottom and need to build her strength. Strengthening my butt will help me go the distance, and also look like Beyoncé. Squats it is for the next nine weeks then… 


I think I’m back on track!

Last week was tough. This week I had a better attitude, a better diet and  a decent amount of rest and, as a result, I’m much happier and a lot less stressed about running the marathon. Recently I had some nasty little doubts about whether I’d actually be able to get round the course but those have vanished and I have training to thank for that!

Before embarking on this journey my view on exercise was ‘do it because you have to’ (and therefore not very often in my case). Now I train because I WANT to, and it makes me feel amazing – especially when you can see the results in front of you.

Weight loss

What a difference a year makes

This week it felt great to run 22km. Although it was slow I felt proud to have covered that distance, despite the odd burst-into-tears moments at 18km, 19km, 21km… It was brilliant being able to (barely) walk out of my (dreaded) ‘Leg Tuesday’ session with my trainer James and feel an exhausted sense of achievement. It was nice to roll out of yoga feeling good about myself rather than beating myself up (yoga and I don’t tend to get on because switching off is foreign to me but this week I embraced the practise). I also jumped on the scales and realised I’d hit another milestone – 25Kgs lost since training. Boom!




This week it felt great to run 22km. Although it was slow I felt proud to have covered that distance, despite the odd burst-into-tears moments at 18km, 19km, 21km…


Now don’t don’t get me wrong – I have so much to learn and so much more progress to make training for this marathon – however I will say it is amazing what a revised attitude can bring to the table. There’s so much to be said for walking into a training session with your head held high, wanting to learn, wanting to be pushed to your extremes and wanting to do well. If you do that, generally you will get something out of it – especially when your training team is as solid and supportive as mine (I’m a very lucky lady). Go in assuming you’ll fail and you probably will – I know I’ve done it, having talked myself into thinking I wasn’t able to go the distance, I wasn’t. I won’t be making that mistake again.


The challenge

Ab fabI’m going to end sharing another ridiculous challenge I’ve been set as part of training. I’ve become renowned for dressing up for exercise. I like to be a little different. Well, for the next four weeks I’m not allowed to wear any black unless it’s a top. So here’s to colour clashing and definitely being noticed in the gym or on the streets – and not always for the right reasons! Photos to come!







Weekly training stats: Miles/kms covered: 29.5km/18.3 miles

Tuesday: 12 Feb:
60 mins leg training with Personal Trainer James McGill/Gymbox Covent Garden. New programme, new sense of achievement. After the disaster that was this week I can honestly hold my head up high and say that although I’m not perfect I’m back on track.

Wednesday: 13 Feb

60 mins hot yoga at Yotopia

Thursday: 14 Feb

3K interval run on treadmill at Gymbox Covent Garden.

75 mins hot yoga at Yotopia

Friday: 15 Feb

60 mins upper body training with Personal Trainer James McGill/Gymbox Covent Garden

Saturday: 16 Feb

22k run. That was an emotional  run. First time I’d ever covered that distance. It was slow, it was hard but I’m proud I did it!

Sunday: 17 Feb

Rest day! Did nothing at all. Except read and eat. Divine.

Monday: 18 Feb

4.5k interval run on a treadmill at Gymbox Covent Garden. This felt awesome – it was a 7am run where I ran at speeds I’ve never reached before, had much shorter rest periods and felt utterly wrecked at the end of it. Great start to the working week, awesome end to the ‘new me’ week of training!


Running tracks of the week: It’s Tricky, Run DMC. The Kids, Jamiroquai. Somebody To Love Me, Mark Ronson.

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