Marathon blog: Abi – TWO DAYS TO GO!!!!!

She’s lost 14 stone and gone from a non-runner to an aspiring marathoner, so with her first marathon just days away, how is Abi feeling? Amazingly calm and prepared actually.

Name: Abi Wright

Goal: To finish in one piece!

Marathon history: First marathon

What I learnt this week: Preparation is key

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Aaaaah, I cannot believe the marathon is just a few days away!!!!

How am I feeling??

Very excited and a little nervous! I’ve trained so hard and devoted the last three years to weight loss and now the ultimate challenge is almost here – it’s kind of hard to take it all in.


It's the finaaaalllll countdown!

It’s the finaaaalllll countdown!


At this stage I’m just focusing on being ready – preparation is key. My tapering has been going well and my piriformis issue has been on best behaviour, which is great. I have had been having issues with my back but I’ve had some physio and it’s easing off nicely. Sports massage is booked, my training gear has been tried and tested (I’m wearing my lucky T-shirt, one my brother gave me. It’s got my name on the front so people can spot me and shout up!) and I’ve been getting used to my race fuel so everything is covered for the big day.


Look out for Abi's supporters in their team WRIGHTONIT t-shirts

Look out for Abi’s supporters in their team WRIGHTONIT t-shirts


All that’s left is to do this thing! Team WRIGHTONIT will be out in force on Sunday to see me through. We’ve strategically planned the route as I know I will need help and the knowledge that friends and family will be waiting to cheer me on in key places will lift my spirits. I have asked that no one is right at the start though, as I will need to take time out and focus. Mile 11 will be first point I see my parents… it’s just a shame Kleenex aren’t sponsoring me!


Abi Wright

I know I have the miles in me. Yes it will be a mental fight but one thing I know for sure is that I will cross that line! I am so determined to get to the end of this marathon chapter and I know my family and friends will be celebrating with me!

The next two days are time to relax, reflect and enjoy the build up.

Weekly training stats

6 miles
3 miles
3 miles
2 miles gentle spinn
2 miles
Friday/ Saturday
Roller, stretch, rest

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