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Two months and 16 days to go until the big day, no we’re not getting hitched, it’s Virgin London Marathon! Here we will be sharing our weekly mileage, our PBs, our highs, our lows and learnings from along the way. But first, for your viewing pleasure, here are our lovely mugshots and a little snippet on our marathon history…


Lorna Mann - Marathon Blog 2 - Headshot

Name: Lorna

Age: 29

Goal: To finish in one piece!

Marathon history: First marathon – London 2013

What training has taught me thus far: I am definitely not invincible and there is no shame in accepting I have lots to learn  (I am very lucky to have someone patient guiding me along the way day in/day out)




Charlotte - HeadshotName: Charlotte

Age: 35

Goal: Sub 3:45

Marathon history: Brighton Marathon 2012, 3.46

What training has taught me so far: If you don’t train, you ain’t going to be as fit or fast as you were last year.






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