January’s Trainer of the Month: Jenny

How are those resolutions going? Finding it hard to stick to the January gym-going, alcohol-free madness? Check out our trainer of the month Jenny Pacey for some abs-priation. Now, slowly put down the ginger nuts!

Trainer: Jenny Pacey athlete and celebrity personal trainer at Pace & Go


Favourite exercise: Snatch and med ball slams.

Motto:Thoughts become feelings and feelings become actions’. Have positive thoughts, be stubborn in the face of resistance and determined in your goals.


You may be thinking Jenny looks familiar. Well it’s not because she resembles a stronger version of Victoria Beckham, although she does don’t you think? It’s because she used to be a real-life GLADIATOR! Her stage name was Enigma, how cool is that? What we wouldn’t give for a go on the Travelator.

These days Jenny is a personal trainer, athlete, fitness consultant, model and TV presenter. Phew! Which makes it even more amazing that she manages to find time for all the exercise she does.

‘I’m a self-confessed lycra addict,’ Jenny says. ‘I work out 5-6 times a week and include a mix of power lifting, high-intensity circuits, sprints and hill runs, core stability, plyometrics and bikram yoga.’ No wonder she looks like that then!


If you fancy the guns of a gladiator and abs of steel, you’re in luck. Jenny has shared her top five fitness tips.*



Jenny’s top fitness tips


  1. Create hard curves fast – include at least two weight training sessions in your weekly schedule. Multi-muscle exercises such as a reverse lunge with dumbbell press will work more muscles in less time.
  2. Balance your diet – I stay lean by eating clean five days a week. Then I relax and really enjoy my weekends. Nothing is off the menu!
  3. Feed your muscles – include at least one portion of protein with every meal and snack every day. I also have a slow-release protein shake before bed to help my muscles repair and recover overnight.
  4. Stand up straight– bad posture can cause lots of problems including back pain, migraines and knee problems. Make yourself look instantly slimmer and avoid injury by standing or sitting tall, subtly pulling your belly button towards your spine and lightly squeezing your shoulder blades.
  5.  Set goals – and make sure they’re realistic and achievable. Try a goal pyramid by setting a long-term goal and mapping out the steps you’re going to make to get there. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve.


















Jenny has launched two fitness DVDs called ‘Fifteen Minute Fast Fitness’ with her partner Wayne Gordon (who she reliably informs us also looks good in lycra). Featuring high-intensity workouts and tips on eating and training, they’re great for whipping you into shape fast. Check them out here,and here, gladiators ready!


*So how long till we look like this do you reckon?

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