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Zip, nada, rien… an L&L round up of all the best free fitness classes.

We do love a freebie here at L&L, particularly when it involves fitness (or chocolate, or cocktails, or, well, anything really). Save money on gym membership with these free classes, races and training sessions. Or, of course, strap on your trainers and go for a run.


Free outdoor fitness classes

Screw you winter weather! Get outdoors for a healthy dose of fresh air and some mutual back-slappery. Feel extra smug for getting it free.


Where: Locations across London, Glasgow and Manchester

When: Various

Not only do Nike make rather delightful kit, they also have a whole host of free training sessions, running clubs, yoga and more. Good on you Nike!

We often pop along to their NTC outdoor training sessions – hour-long, full-body interval training classes designed to leave you ‘lean and strong’. Nike have some of the best fitness trainers out there so you can expect a really good workout. You can also expect classes to fill up quickly so make sure you book early. These sessions are girls-only so you don’t have to put up with smelly male sweat, bonus.

Sign up:


Where: more than 100 parks and outdoor spaces across the UK

When: 400 classes a week.

The first and biggest provider of outdoor classes in the UK, BMF is run by members, or former members, of the armed services (Hello soldier!). Trial classes are free of charge, so it’s definitely worth checking out. No two sessions are the same but there’s usually lots of running, jumping, strength drills, training in pairs and groups and, in the winter, mud. Yeah. Instructors tend to be easy on the eye and have a cheeky line in chat – although of course that’s not at all important.

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  • BlockWorkOut


Where: Brockwell Park, Herne Hill/Brixton near the tennis courts

When: Saturday mornings 10.30am

We are addicted to these high intensity interval training sessions run by Terroll Lewis. Started as a way to keep local youth entertained and out of gangs, BlockWorkOut has expanded to include women’s classes suitable for all levels of fitness. Classes last between an hour and an hour and a half, depends how mean the guys are feeling. Expect crawling, running up hills with a tyre attached to your waist, barwork, laughter and squats upon squats upon squats. The guy’s classes are proper hardcore, check out some of their YouTube videos here – amazing stuff.

Sign up: Just turn up on the day and join in. Bring gloves and expect to get muddy. For more details see the Facebook page.


Free yoga

Seems everyone’s giving yoga sessions away at the moment and we’re certainly not complaining. Blue Cow Yoga, The Life Centreand YogLA are just some of the studios offering free trial sessions, while Lululemon’s classes are always available for zero pence.


Where: Chelsea Showroom

When: Wednesday 18.45, Sunday 11am

Hour-long classes at Lululemon’s Chelsea showroom run by instructors from some of the capital’s top yoga studios (including Yogahaven, which we’re big fans of). Check out the listings to see who’s teaching and what style of yoga to expect that day, plus any other upcoming free events, such as running and pilates.

Sign up: no need to register but arrive 15 minutes early to bag a mat. View the class timetable here


Ps. as this is not a Nike promo piece we’ll refrain from mentioning their dynamic flow classes available at Nike Town London and Stratford City by signing up here or the YogaFlex classes held every Thursday at Nike 1948 in Shoreditch.


Free running stuff

We love running because you can go out and do it wherever and whenever you want (within reason) but doing it with others is very pleasant too. Check out the free running clubs in our feature here or try the free races and running-specific classes below.


Where: Countrywide

When: Usually 9am Saturday but check your local run for details

The rather brilliant parkruns are free 5k timed runs across the country. Shake off your hangover, run round your local park with loads of other nutters and check your time on the website afterwards. Do them regularly and watch your times improve. You can also give back by volunteering to help at your local run. All good stuff.

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  • Nike Train to Run

Where: Clapham Common and Regents Park, London

When: Saturday, 10.30

Yep Nike again. Dear other big sports brands, time to get on the free training wagon too please.

Hour-long, women-only classes combining core strength and cardio intervals to get you running fit. The perfect accompaniment to your running training and great for all abilities, whether you’re just starting out or getting kick-ass fit for a marathon.

Sign up:


Yet more freebies

Boutique Sport run pop-up freebie sports events for women across London. Keep checking the website for details of their latest ventures. Sweaty Betty also have a number of free clubs including yoga, running, dance and pilates at their stores – details can be found on their website. And, seeing as it’s nearly Christmas, here are a few more random freebies we like.


Where: Courts across the country

When: Various

Listing all the tennis courts in the country where you can play for free, register with this website and attend one of the hour-long tennis coaching sessions for gratis. Love.

Sign up:


Where: Across London

When: Various

Never learned to ride a bike, feeling wobbly after a long break or nervous about cycling on traffic-filled roads? Most London boroughs offer free or subsidised cycle training. Visit to find out more. Oh, and if you want a bit of minor maintenance and advice for free look out for cycle-therapists Dr Bike at community events near you.

Sign up:


Where: Old Street, east London

When: Most sessions are held at the weekend. Contact for full details

Hardcore, bootcamp-style group training, held in arches near Old Street station. Get your first session for zero mullah! Think smacking massive hammers into tractor tyres, pushing and pulling sleds laden with weights, lifting barrels, kettle bell exercises and shuttle runs. This hurts. Makes you feel hard though.

Sign up: register for your free trial here


Any free fitness stuff and sporty shennanigans we’ve missed? Let us know at or



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