Guest review: Yogahaven

We asked Peanut Buttered blogger and Yogahaven regular, Sarah to give us her verdict… 

From time to time I find myself letting the little (and the big) things in life get on top of me. When anxiety levels kick up a number of notches I have a few tried and tested remedies to stop those sleepless nights. The first place I turn when I need a drastic endorphin boost is hot yoga.

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£25 for 20 days of unlimited yoga – yes please!

Given that most studios offer some great introductory offers there’s no reason not to try it, and once you do give it a go you’ll be wondering why you didn’t sooner. Yogahaven is top of the list, offering £25 for 20 days of unlimited yoga to help you get your ‘ommmmm’ on!

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Deepens stretches, improves flexibility, and gets the sweat pouring

Performing yoga in heat of around 40 degrees deepens your stretches, improving flexibility, will get your heart pumping, and don’t be alarmed when the sweat starts to pour – just think of all the toxins you are flushing out of your body. I leave a class dripping.

Holding poses and constricting blood flow to your muscles means a fresh supply full of oxygen floods to the areas once the postures are released – endorphin-central!

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Luxurious studios North and South of the river

Yogahaven in Clapham old town is a studio that will leave you feeling seriously impressed (the studios are lush) and considerably calmer. If you don’t live south of the river there’s also a studio in Islington and outside London there are Yogahaven’s in Birmingham and Brighton. As well as hot yoga the studio offers yoga with weights, Astanga and pregnancy yoga – there’s lots to try.

Yogahaven Studios

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The venue also stocks my absolute favourite fitness-wear brand Lululemon, it’s a Canadian company with very few UK stockists, so you can pick up an outfit to look the part too.


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