Gear of The Week: Nike+ FuelBand

We’ve always been a bit confused about what the devil these things are? And now there are two new colourways hitting the shops we thought we’d better find out.


So yeah, like what is it?

A fancy pedometer for active people, a sporty watch, an upmarket electronic tagging system?

The Nike+ FuelBand is actually a bit of everything (apart from the prison tag). It’s designed to track your activity throughout the day and then it gives you a score, which you can monitor and compare with friends through a mobile app. The idea is it’ll make you more active in everyday life as, unfortunately, sprawling on the sofa most of Sunday morning watching the Hollyoaks omnibus doesn’t get you many points. The FuelBand does tell the time though, so you know when to turn over for Come Dine With Me. It also monitors calories burned and steps taken.

It’s been around since February this year but on October 31, just in time for Christmas, two new frosted colours are being launched – White ICE and Black ICE. As with most Nike products they look pretty smart and they sound pretty smart too. But are they any cop?

As neither of us own an iPhone (mine was lost in a pub-related incident, Charlotte) we haven’t tested the FuelBand as the app only works with iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and the iPod touch. So we asked a few people who have what they thought, here’s what they said:


It’s addictive in that if you’re just short of your daily target it motivates you to do more to get there. However it seems cycling like a demon uses up less fuel than running at normal pace, so some forms of exercise don’t seem to register. Nice watch though and great glow in the dark feature for when you can’t find your keys in the bottom of your bag.


I check mine all the time and make myself do something more active, like walking home rather than getting the bus, or even doing the ironing while watching the TV, so I hit my daily target. If I’ve already hit my target, it feels more like I’ve earned it when I lie on the sofa in the evening.’


I went to a gig, barely moved. According to mine I burnt off shitloads more fuel than my mates who were dancing like lunatics. I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are already fit. I use mine as a watch.’


I love mine. It motivates me to do more every day. You can set short and long-term targets and get congratulations when you achieve them. The only time it annoys me is if I’m ill and can’t keep up with my daily targets. It constantly pushes you to achieve more with suggestions for new goals and rewards for doing well.’


According to my Nike fuel band, I used more fuel points applying fake tan then I did in my 6 mile run home. I’m very confused.


So, mixed reviews then, but such is the power of Nike, we still want one, they look hot!

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  • lovefitness says:

    anything that encourages people to enjoy excercise is a good thing – but in our experience anything that is attempting to give an indication of calories burnt without using a heart rate monitor is usually wildly inaccurate. Just don’t take them too seriously and ‘over-reward’ yourself!!! love fitness!!

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