Gear of the week: GEL-NOOSA TRI 8 W trainer (aka the WTF shoe)

Last week reader Eleni tweeted us a picture of her new trainers. We fell in love. Then fellow fitness blogger Laura of life laura london told us she’d developed conflicting feelings for the GEL-NOOSA in Verona. Here’s her tale of mixed emotions.


My usual motto of, ‘if it isn’t neon it isn’t on’ was put to the test when I saw these at the race expo for the Giulietta & Romeo half marathon in Verona, Italy.

Pictures don’t even do them justice. The insets are holograms that move when the shoe moves, so there is essentially a race taking place ON YOUR SHOES.

They’re technically a tri shoe, but I am planning on registering for the London Duathalon in September, so why not!

Buy them here:


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