Gear of the week: Fitmas wishlist

Dear Santa,

For Christmas please may we have all of this stonking new gear? Swap you a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph.



Treat your friends, treat yourself, treat us if you want 😉 it’s Chriiissssstttttttttmmmaaaasss

1. Design your own trainers, NikeiD

You know when you go to the shop for new trainers and you think, i’d love those if only they were another colour/material, had a different sole, had my name emblazoned ALL over them, glowed in the dark!? NikeiD, is the solution. Choose from loads of different trainers, materials, and colours, combine soles from one model with the top of another and personalise them with your own message. The ultimate in customisation. Book someone in for a free consultation, they’ll love you forever – the iD studio at BOXPARK Shoreditch is the trainer geek equivalent of that much-worn cliché ‘kids in a sweet shop’. Alternatively you can do it online, not as much fun though,pwp,c-300/hf-1039150+91001111/t-Customisable_Gifts

The ones we made are above. You can’t tell from this picture but these babies are silver!

2. Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve, Lululemon, £62

New to the UK, our friends in Oz and Canada rave about this brand. As an Aussie PT we know says (yes, that’s you Ms Fong) ‘Lulu make the most comfortable clothes in the world. True story.’ Wear this as a base layer or on it’s own. Look hot.

3. Galaxy coloured leggings, £52

Bore off black, there’s a whole other world of colour out there. (Sorry, rubbish space-related joke) 

4. Classic Rio coloured tights, £90

And talking of coloured tights, the whole collection at Hey Jo are bloody lovely. We particularly like the pink ones. Such girls. Expensive but it’s Christmas so someone else is paying

5. Bicycle wrapping paper, £3

Glittery bikes!

6. Drink More Gin poster by Robert Rubbish, £55

Whoops, how did this get in here?

7. Yurbuds, £30

If, like us, you have problem ears – you know earphones fall out on the treadmill etc because your lugs are just so small and delicate/misshapen/large and cavernous – these are a godsend. New from the US they’re made from soft silicone and have a special twist-lock technology making them perfect for even teeny weeny ears. You can also get them sized in-store so you get a perfect fit.

8. Aquabeat Underwater 2GB MP3 Player, £75

Swimming laps, it can get a bit repetitive. Liven up your swim with a bit of musak. This MP3 player floats and comes with waterproof earphones. Not sure how Gangnam Style is going to affect your stroke but hey.

9. Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training, RRP £15.99

They may not want reminding but marathon training starts soon. They’ll thank you for this in January.

10. Sawako Furuno Leopard Helmet, £84

You’ve got your neon safety vest but here’s another way to stand out on the roads. Leopard print, huzzah!



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