Gear of the week: Cyclechic

Earlier this week, while browsing for a cycling jacket, we came across the rather splendid site It’s full of lovely stuff for city cycling.

Yeah if you’re a serious cyclist it’s not that aerodynamic, it’s not suitable for long rides in harsh conditions, and you’re not going to win the Tour de France in it*, but it’s perfect for the daily commute. And sometimes it’s nice to look like a rather cool leisurely cyclist… and then cream all the boys with those stupid aero helmets when they they try to overtake you at the lights.

*insert your own Lance Armstrong joke, we’re sick of them.

Bobbin Wax Cotton Cape, £119.99 – in love!

Vintage Style Bicycle Pannier £61.99 – want one!

Knog Strobe Lights £9.99 each – great for your bike or your helmet.

I Love My Bike Bell £5.99

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