February’s Trainer of the Month: Mollie

When it comes to working out Mollie is a big fan of fitness communities, mutual support and loving what you do. High five sistas! (Well, as she says, she is American.) She shares her top five fitness tips.

Personal Trainer Mollie

Trainer: Mollie Millington


Favourite exercise:

    • High five planks (hey, I’m American)
    • Around the world lunges – in anti-clockwise motion perform a front right lunge, front left lunge, left side squat, left reverse lunge, right reverse lunge, right side squat. Repeat until dizzy (not really).

Motto: I sign all my emails ‘In health and happiness’ because I believe people should find what they love to do activity-wise. If it’s not fun or enjoyable, you’re not likely to stick with it.


It’s always nice to meet a trainer who really understands where you’re coming from. Owing to dodgy knees, Mollie happily admits to not being the fastest runner at school but now, as well as being a PT, she leads women’s Boutique Sport Run training sessions, competes in triathlons, has completed a half marathon and helps other people do it too. Go Mollie!

Because she’s worked hard on her own fitness, Mollie knows the value of support and encouragement in training – we’re all about carrot over stick ourselves. As well as traditional personal training sessions, she offers eight-week virtual training groups. That may sound like you’re being trained by a hologram but it’s actually an online programme where you set health and fitness goals and check in regularly to record your progress. Group members help each other out with motivational quotes, support and healthy recipes – it’s basically one big online fitness love-in.

Mollie volunteers with Sportmakers and hangs with hot men










For Mollie, inspiring people to get fit, happy and healthy is one of the perks of her job so she shared some of her top tips with us:

      1. Quality over quantity. Focus on form and not vanity. Choose the appropriate weight and watch your posture. If your form suffers then moves aren’t as effective.
      2. Plan your meals. Pack a lunch and healthy (non-processed) snacks to avoid making poor choices. It is much easier to eat well than burn off accidental calories later.
      3. Love your rest days. Rest days are important, not only for your body to recover for some extreme awesomeness in the gym but also to enjoy life and spend time with friends. Sometimes I forget to do this and my husband becomes a little frustrated.
      4. Enter a race and conquer it. Paying for a race and marking it in large letters in your diary will push you to train with a goal in mind. Remember to work on what you are worst at so you will improve. My school football coach would say ‘if you aren’t messing up then you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough’. Get to the edge of your comfort zone and then leap out of it to improve.
      5. Sleep is amazing! It’s something I don’t get enough of but should. The more sleep you get, the less you rely on food for energy (within reason of course).


To find out more about Mollie visit www.ptmollie.com You can also catch her (and probably us as we love them) at Boutique Sport Run after Dark sessions. FREE women-only guided group runs, the sessions start 4 March at Whole Foods Piccadilly Circus.

And if you fancy treating yourself to a ‘health and happiness’ bracelet, available in brass or sterling silver, you’ll get free shipping until the end of Feb* just for being an L&L reader. Cheers Mollie!

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