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Here’s a 15 minute TRX all-over body toning session you can do in your lunch break.

Most gyms now have TRX Suspension Trainers and they’re great for home use too as you can anchor them to any stable object, such as a door. Basically, they’re adjustable straps with handles that use your own bodyweight to build strength, work your core and improve balance and flexibility.

There are hundreds of different exercises you can perform and combine into circuits depending on the areas you want to target. Thanks to master TRX trainer Elizabeth Banks for this all-over body circuit, which hits all the major muscle groups. Oh, and for absolutely destroying us with a TRX session too!



Perform 10 reps of each exercise. Click on the image for a larger version.


1. Golf rotation: Lean forwards, stretch one arm to the side following with your eyes and torso. Repeat on the other side.






2. Side lunge






3. Forward lunge with I Y T deltoid raise: Make the shape of I, Y and T with your arms. A bit like YMCA.






4. Hip hinge: From a standing start, reach forwards with your arms, lifting one leg behind you at the same time. Repeat on the other side.






5. Squat row combo: Leaning back into your squat, add a row movement with your arms as you come up.








Perform each exercise for 30 seconds or 10 reps. Set your stopwatch for 15 minutes and see how many circuits you can fit in. If you want to focus on strength, slow down the movements to really work your muscles. For a cardio blast, speed up the reps to raise your heart rate.


1. Squats: To make this exercise harder, try single leg squats.












2. Chest press: The closer your feet are to the anchor point the tougher it gets.






3. Crossing lunge: Work your glutes by crossing one leg behind the other in a lunging movement. Repeat on the other side.






4. Row: Pull yourself up and down in a rowing motion. Great for abs, back and arms.






5. Twist: Keeping a strong plank position, rotate your body from side to side to work your core.






6. Standing roll out: Extend your arms in line with your shoulders. Lean forwards, lift your arms above your head and return. This is a cracker for your core.






7. Oblique crunch into mountain climber: This combo will finish your abs off. With your feet in the TRX straps crunch your legs to one side. Return to the middle and perform a mountain climber driving your knees forwards towards your chest.








Lower back stretch: Holding the handles, lean back and stretch. Add a rotation.






Chest and torso: Arms wide, raise one and then the other.






Long torso stretch: Cross one leg over the other and lean back.






Figure 4 stretch: Great for stretching your glutes. Cross one leg over the other and lean back slightly. Repeat on the other side.







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