Emma: Why I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon

So for the last few months my efforts at blogging have been pretty much non-existent. I’ve been crazy busy and knackered. Here’s the lowdown on what I’ve been up to and a promise to get back to blogging!

Excuse number one: I’ve been training to be a Personal Trainer

At the start of the year I started training to be a Personal Trainer with Premier International. It was an amazing experience but really hard graft. I work really long hours and the personal training course meant I was spending my weekends trekking to Guildford for an 8.30am kick off for two solid days of tutor time. Blogging and ironically my own training went out the window, but I am now a fully qualified PT so the hard work and early starts paid off!

Excuse number two: I’ve got a new job

I left my job as Campaigns Manager at Women in Sport to join Fast Track – a sports marketing agency – as an Account Director.

Campaigns Manager at Women in Sport was on paper my ideal job – a chance to change the world, a chance to persuade more women and girls to get involved and tap up sport for everything it has to offer. The reality is that I missed the pace of the private sector, I missed working with big brands, I missed quick decision-making, and I missed having decent budgets! It was time for a change. You never know one day I might go back!

At Fast Track I get to work on some amazing projects – from Sainsbury’s sponsorship of British Athletics, to ellesse and Polar – while still trying to help drive commercialisation of women’s sport from within sport itself!

As any of you who work agency side will know the hours are long and hard, meaning that post work blogging has been a bit of a no go while I found my feet.

Excuse number three: I’ve broken up with my other half so I’m busy trying house hunt in South London

For those of you who don’t know for the last year or so I was dating another writer/blogger and we’d not long moved in together. We both have our quirks and while I still think he’s an awesome little man it just didn’t work out. So now my whole world has been turned upside down on the home front too. I’m packing up and moving back to where Lunges and Lycra all began – South of the river. Hopefully close proximity to the pub where Lunges and Lycra was conceived over one too many glasses bottles of wine!

So what’s next?

First things first I need a bit of head space to figure it all out. I’ve got a big event to get out of the way first but when it’s all wrapped up I’m heading up to the Lake District. The plan is to escape London, have a bit of time to think and make a plan. I need to figure out a training routine that works with my new job, I need to do some serious content planning on the blog front and I need to work out what I want to next with my Personal Training qualification.

Any words of wisdom on what comes next send them my way!

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