December’s Trainer of the Month: Carly Newson

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From dancing on the X Factor to competing in body building competitions, teaching Nike Training Club and devising her own Ballet Butt ‘n Barre workout, is there nothing ex professional dancer and personal trainer Carly Newson can’t do? Nope, seems not.

Trainer: Carly Newson Nike trainer, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, model, presenter and ex professional dancer. Phew, that’s some CV!
Favourite exercise: I love SLDL (stiff leg deadlift). A great exercise to work the hamstrings, glutes and to increase strength. My second favourite is a lunge. I know it sounds boring but when done with a heavy barbell it’s a top exercise. A long lunge can emphasis the glutes and a shorter lunge emphasis the quads. Plyometrics are also a great shout!
Training tune: I listen to dance and funky house when I train. Anything with a strong beat to get me pumped in the gym.
Training mantra: Inspired by Nike – ‘Move more. Move better’.
Top training tip: Drink Water. Get enough sleep. Keep a positive mindset.

Carly Newson


As an ex professional dancer I’ve danced for Cheryl Cole, Calvin Harris, Melanie C and Dannii Minogue to name but a few. I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit, which I think stems from my dancing. I feel so much happier once I’ve worked out! Training is ‘my time’ when I switch off from work and feel good.

 My love for dancing and performing has led me to compete on stage in Bikini Competitions, placing second in the Miami Pro Championships this year. I love a challenge and bikini competitions help me keep focused.

I’m a gym junkie! I’m super-motivated and as well as teaching classes and coaching others I train myself in the gym six times a week. I love weight training – particularly training my legs, which I tend to train heavy with low reps. I also set up a circuit for myself once a week. This is my ‘fun free time’ and is a fab way to get my heart rate up and get a sweat on, plus it keeps me fit for NTC (Nike Training Club). I usually set up five stations working for 45 seconds with a 20-second recovery time and repeat 3/4 times.

I enjoy training others because it’s great to see my clients achieve their goals and get results. It’s such a positive feeling knowing that they’ve come to you and you’ve helped them sustain a desired outcome. The type of training I do with clients depends on what they want to achieve but I like to give them exercises that get their heart rate up and challenge them. I do similar training with my clients as I do myself so weights, intervals, bodyweight circuits… I try and change it up as much as possible to keep it interesting and motivating.

One of my big achievements of 2013 was designing my own workout – Ballet Butt n’Barre. It draws on my dance training, incorporating ballet techniques and body weight exercises with the use of a ballet barre and dynaband. It’s available at Champney’s Health Farm, Tring and The Laboratory Spa and Health Clubs in North London.


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Want to train with Carly?
Carly has recently set up a studio – FlexPT – with her fiancé in North London, check out for details of FREE taster sessions. She teaches Nike Training Club at Nike store Westfield, Stratford and occasionally Nike Town, London. She also teaches group fitness classes at The Laboratory Spa and Health Clubs, North London and Equinox, Kensington. To find out more about personal training and Ballet Butt n’Barre visit

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