Are you faster than Romeo Beckham?
We’re not

Got to love London Marathon day, cheering your mates, spotting slebs, yaying for Paula R. But who was fast this year and who was slow? Unfortunately they seemed to be a pretty speedy bunch, darn it we love it when they don’t train, wear fake eyelashes and and take seven hours.


Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham

Ok, is it wrong to be jealous of a 12-year-old’s 5k time. Romeo Beckham ran the mini marathon in 18 minutes 54 seconds, which is pretty impressive. Please can Posh run next year? That we would love to see!

James Cracknell (left) Jenson Button (right)

london marathon

He’s good at rowing, he’s good at running, he seems like a nice guy. Irritating. 02.50 – although he said he wouldn’t have gone quite so fast if he hadn’t had Jenson Button up his arse the whole way round.

The racing driver’s not that crap at running either, 02.52.


Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock

Err, did no one tell the Made in Chelsea star that people from reality shows are meant to be reassuringly crap at marathons, so we can feel all smug and that. 03.04, who would have thunk it.


Henry Holland

Henry Holland

Fashion designer and mate of all the Primrose Hill set, Henry smashed it in 03.29.


Christy Turlington Burns

Christy Turlington

Pretty much the only thing I’m ever going to have in common with a supermodel, same marathon time. 3.46.


Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer marathon

Ah, the lovely Jenni always running, 03.54 – not a PB though, that’s 03.30 in 2010.


Iwan Thomas

Iwan Thomas

Poor Iwan, he said he did the first half in 1.47, the second half took him about 2.5 hours and he was in a world of hurt. Still finished in a respectable 04.15 though. And according to Twitter he’s just like us, had two pints of Guiness, five glasses of red wine and got utterly spangled after.


Greg James

Greg James marathon

Radio 1 DJ, ex boyf of Ellie Goulding, very tall. 04.26.


Emma Lax

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 21.37.28

Ok, so she’s not a film star or owt, but our Em ran yesterday. 04.30, which, considering her longest training run was 15 miles ain’t bad.


Helen George

Helen George marathon

She’s in Call the Midwife apparently. 04.25.


Hugo Taylor

Hugo Taylor marathon

Another Made In Chelsea ‘star’ coming in at 04.32. He looks very much like my mate Rich, if you care.


Chris Evans

Chris Evans marathon

TFI that’s over eh Chris? Slowest sleb of the day at 04.53. Still, bloody good effort. Looks a bit hot doesn’t he?


Did you run? If so, you’re awesome!

You can check out last year’s celebrity marathon times here.

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