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Luxury toiletries specifically designed for sporty women, great for gifts even better for yourself!

Remember the days when buying your best mate a Christmas present was as simple as nipping to The Body Shop for a Dewberry gift set? It’s so much harder now that smelling like a half-sucked fruit drop ain’t cool. And do they even make Dewberry any more? But if you’re looking for a festive gift for your fit mate (or yourself obvs) there are a number of new ranges on the market designed especially for sporty women.

They claim to do all manner of wondrous things from cooling skin to focusing the mind pre-race, and while we’re taking some of these claims with a pinch of salt, they all smell very grown-up and lovely and are the biz for indulging yourself after a freezing cold training session in the rain/wind/hail/snow. Here’s our pick of the pops.


Pretty Athletic

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British brand Pretty Athletic uses botanical extracts and plant oils, doesn’t test on animals and the bottles are all handily designed to chuck in your gym bag (flip top lids mean no accidental leakage). The range includes Hydrating Shield: Intensive Moisture Balm, £20, which is great for smoothing on to protect skin before an outdoor workout in harsh and windy weather and Instant Refresh: Exfoliating Shower Gel, £12.50, which uses menthol to cool post-workout skin and gently exfoliates to get rid of dirt and sweat. They also have a Winter Workout Gift Set at £42 (pictured). Order before midnight on 17 December for guaranteed pre–Christmas delivery.




It’ll be available in Boots from January but get in early and snap up some activbod products from With prices starting at just £5, this is the most affordable and ‘sporty’ looking of the ranges we’re featuring, making it great for Secret Santa, plus all products are travel sized so you can whack them in your carry on if you’re heading for an overseas race. The Cooling Finish Lotion, £12, cools skin as it moisturises (we’ve tried it, it works), the Feel Great Shower Concentrate, £5, deodorises as it cleans and there’s a Mind Over Matter Motivating Aroma Balm, £5, coming soon. When applied to pulse points such as your wrists and temples it’s claimed the blend of rosemary, peppermint and bergamot essential oils will focus the mind, clear your respiratory tract and get you in ‘the zone’.


Neom Organics

Neom Organics

While their products aren’t specifically for sport, Neom Organics are 100% natural and designed to treat both the mind and body, using essential oils such as chamomile and ginger to aid sleep, relieve stress, boost your mood or increase energy levels. I am massively in love with the Tranquility Bath & Shower Gel, which contains lavender, jasmine and basil to help you nod off. The scent fills your whole bathroom, it leaves your skin super-soft and it’s such a treat for a relaxing bath before bed (particularly if you’ve just been out on a long marathon training run in the cold). At £40 it’s not cheap but a little really does go a long way – one bottle lasts for around 40 baths. Another favourite is the Awaken the Senses candle, £30, with grapefruit, bergamot and lime to leave you feeling energised, it’s the kind of gift that’s lovely to receive as swanky candles are something you may not splash out on for yourself.





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